Local Government Recruitment: How to apply

The Local Government Service is a public institution established under the Ministry of Local Government Ghana. The primary mandate of the service is to ensure smooth service delivery by the government. It also aims at providing proper organization and governance of the decentralized local governments in Ghana.

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The Office of the Head of the Local Government Service (OHLGS) in fulfilment of its mandate of ensuring the effective and efficient day-to-day administration of the Local Government Service (LGS) and in accordance with the Local Governance Act of 2016, Act 936 has been recruiting personnel to run its offices effectively and efficiently.


To apply to the Local Government Service, you need to purchase forms at the Local Government Service Headquarters, or at the Regional Coordinating Council closest to you.

Filling of the forms has to be properly done so that it is not rejected.

The form has four (4) parts.


Part I has 16 questions, the first 12 has to do with information about you and your family, these have to be handwritten. In cases where it is stated “Use block letters” ensure that they are filled in BLOCK LETTERS. Not following instructions is a sign of incompetence, and your form could be rejected outright.

Note: Questions 11 and 12 require information about your parents: These should be answered even if those concerned have died.

The rest of the 4 questions in part I has to do with your passport, and if you have a criminal offence or are under any form of bond.


Part II is for Non-Ghanaian applicants

Part III will require your employment history; this should be filled out properly and should tally with what is on your CV.

Part IV is to be completed by or on behalf of the Head of Organisation of an applicant who is already in the Ghana Public Service.

Anyone occupying a senior position in Ghana’s Public Service can fill this portion.

Please note that the department has a format for their Curriculum Vitae

See the CV format.

After the forms are properly filled, they can be submitted or hand-delivered at the Office of Head of Local Government Service at the following address.


Office of the Head of Local Government Service

P.O. Box MB 396, Ministries -Accra

Tel: 0302-677929 Fax: 0302-662799

Email: [email protected]