Leila Djansi Says Ghana Is A Stup!d Hypocritical Country For Jailing Akuapem Poloo Over Her N*de Photo

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Akuapem Poloo & Leila Djansi


Filmmaker Leila Djansi believes that Ghana is one stup!d country where the laws favour the rich and powerful and bite the asses of the poor and powerless.

Leila Djansi who thinks Akuapem Poloo’s sentence is too harsh hopped on Facebook and fumed;


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“Ghana is a stupid hypocritical country! The systemic stupidity is mind boggling! There was a video of a minister of state in his PJs having lewd conversations with his girlfriend. Y’all jailed him? He’s still at post. Yes? What example is he setting for the youth? You hand a 90 day sentence to a lady for a nude shoot with her own son? Same son that came out of her veejay? Ahhhh! I can’t! Lord make it stop”.


Leila Djansi believes that since Akuapem Poloo’s son came out from her pxxy there is nothing wrong showing it to him in a birthday photoshoot. Leila probably has some stagnant water in her brains.


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