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Miscaptioned: Lady on plane with Senior Minister Osafo Marfo is not his sidechick

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Senior Minister and his sidechick fly first class on a romantic trip.




A photo of senior minister Osafo Marfo and a lady on a plane has gone viral on social media. Several news platforms have reported that the 78-year-old Minister was travelling with his sidechick.

The photo popped up a few hours after a video chat of National Security Minister Kan Dapaah and an unknown lady leaked online.

Investigation by Asembi.com has unravelled that the lady in the photo with the senior minister is a well-known interpreter who travels with government officials to assist them with interpretations, usually with the Chinese language.

So reports that the minister was on a romantic trip is false as the photo in question has been miscaptioned.

See the photo below:

Hon. Osafo Marfo and Interpreter
Hon. Osafo Marfo and Interpreter