Kontihene struggling with comeback; all strategies failing


Do you remember Nana Appiah, aka Kontihene?

You probably answered NO if you are a teenager.  The musician has been away since 2001 though he returns once in a while but failed to make a hit.

Asembi.com compiled a list of Ghanaian celebrities who exchanged their talent for travel visas to seek ‘greener’ pastures abroad. Kontihene made it to this list.

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Kontehene was undoubtedly one of, if not the biggest artiste in Ghana. He released hits after hits and became a national music icon. In 2001 alone, he managed to release hits like Aketesia, Madamfo Pa Beko, Asesa and countless others. Such was his influence on the music scene that he was the man behind Kwabena Kwabena’s breakthrough into the industry, producing his hit single Aso in 2006.

Unfortunately, Kontihene joined the Bandwagon of talented Ghanaians who preferred to sacrificed their career for a life abroad. Around 2008, he left Ghana to settle in Maryland in the U.S. bringing an end to what promised to be a sensational career and game changer. After years of self-exile, he returned and released a single, Dedeede in 2015, featuring Pappy Kojo and Yaa Pono. The song was successful but unfortunately that was all he had left. He was no longer the people’s choice and he no longer carried the same aura he used to possess.

It’s 2019 and Kontihene is back again with all kind of strategies to have himself accepted by Ghanaians. He returned with a single titled ‘Tricks’. Tricks? The tricks still not working as it’s heard mostly when he’s being interviewed.

Looking at how Shatta Wale rode on controversies to have a successful comeback, Kontihene seems to be trying same. Asembi.com brings to you some of the controversies he’s embarked on so far.

Kwabena Kwabena

Kontihene attacks Kwabena Kwabena anytime he’s given an opportunity to promote himself. He claims to have regretted for and find it very stupid of him to put his career on hold to promote Kwabena Kwabena with all his energies which he earned nothing from except him [Kwabena Kwabena] abusing hard drugs. It is not known if this is a planned beef between the two as both are struggling with their comebacks. Kwabena Kwabena  hasn’t responded since and this casts doubts if it’s planned.

Interestingly, Kwabena Kwabena that Kontihene is trying to ride on to come back is having troubles himself getting on his toes.

Kontihene is making all the headlines by announcing how “stupid” he was for promoting Kwabena Kwabena but Ghanaians are still not listening to “Tricks”.

Kwaw Kese

After Shatta Wale ignored Kwaw Kese’s attempt to beef him to have a comeback, is Kontihene thinking that Kwaw will grant him that favour to use him? NO! When no one seemed bothered about Kontihene’s remarks on Kwabena Kwabena, he went back to his rival of day one, Kwaw Kese. Just like Kwabena Kwabena, Kwaw is also struggling to return. Even if Kwaw Kese tries to reply to the benefit of both, this will look like two ‘underground’ acts fighting; no one likely to care.

NAM1 and Menzgold

Who played ‘Asesa’ because of Nana Appiah Mensah’s issues? Well, Kontihene claims DJs were playing his old song instead of promoting his latest song. Menzgold has been trending lately and he thought it wise to ride on but didn’t look so real as he even warned of suing DJs who play ‘Asesa’. He told Andy Dosty in the face that he’s wicked and wanted to sue him, lol … for what? Read more on that here on Asembi.com.


“If you want to trend, attack bloggers”. Kontihene probably remembered this statement shared on Facebook by some bloggers and gave it a try. He says any blogger that says his career is dead will die. He claims to be a “spirit’, may be the Angel Obinim among the musicians. It’s over 24 hours since he passed this comment but Kontihene can’t be found among the trends.

What’s next for Kontihene?

Kontihene might still have other strategies yet to be executed but if all fails, he will be left with no other option than to attack Shatta Wale with the hope of him replying. Shatta Wale who has now seen how his beefs help the career of others have decided to go silent this time around when attacked. All the same, insults from the SM fans are likely to draw attention to Kontihene. But will Ghanaians still listen to ‘Tricks’ after that?