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Karma Is A Crazy Dog – Teephlow Rejoices After Kuami Eugene Snubbed Guru For A Collaboration

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Teephlow is rejoicing over how Kuami Eugene snubbed Guru after he ‘begged’ him for a collaboration.


According to Teephlow, Guru deserves the snub from Kuami Eugene because he denied him [Teephlow] of his shine some years back.

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Teephlow claimed that Guru stabbed him in the back when the Akaida dance surfaced some years back.

Elated Teephlow retweeted;

“With all those hits u still robbed a brother of a simple chance to shine when the new akaida dance wave came!
U swore u never knew of my song and even claimed u created the wave.
Today udey stress over collabo.
Smh. Karma is indeed a crazy dog. Phlowducation2”.