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Kantanka Automobile
Kantanka Automobile
Kantanka Automobile

It is unfortunate that Ghana is intentionally ignoring some few inventors the country is blessed with for development. From the government to the very common citizen, all have proven with unreasonable doubt that Ghana doesn’t see the worth in supporting inventors. Over the years, there have been quiet a number of people with the brains to invent technological devices for solving everyday problems which could be very essential in both individual and national development.

One of these rare local inventors is Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, founder of Kantanka Group of Companies. In 2001, Kantanka Automobile Company was launched and registered as a limited liability company as a subsidiary of Kantanka Group of Companies with its main objective to research into the manufacturing of automotive components and their combination with other parts outsourced from component suppliers to form a completely built unit.


Over the years, Kantanka Automobile has manufactured eight (8) models of cars which are internationally competitive to the likes of Benz, Honda, Kia, BMW, and other automobile products and the intriguing part is that all of Kantanka Automobile vehicles are assembled in the country, and Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka being the architect behind the amazing work.

Despite his hard toil to prove a point to Ghanaians that, indeed the country can also manufacture vehicles with his technology and benefit from it, it seems he’s putting a square peg into a round hole.

Kantanka automobile and Criticisms 


Ghanaians have spit lots of criticisms about Kantanka manufactured cars. All sorts of criticisms have been rained on his cars he produces to the market for consumption. Lots have been asked about the raw materials he uses to manufacture cars which some years back, was speculated that 90% of the raw materials are wood and hence, the cars are not durable and safe to use.

Aside from this, the NPP government has also criticized Kantanka Automobile for failing to adopt a strong mechanism to penetrate the automobile market and hence blames the company for it on failures of not been able to make Ghanaians develop taste for his models of cars.

Also, another criticism threw at Kantanka Automobile is the complains that his cars are expensive as compared to the imported cars from abroad. To list but few of Kantanka cars and their prices, Kantanka Mensa – GHS120,000, Kantanka Onantefuo – 170,000, Kantanka K71 – GHS85,000 . Ghanaians have however forgotten that ‘tear-rubber’ cars are very expensive and Katanka vehicles could be the cheapest among.


Kantanka Automobile financial situations

The automobile industry is a huge investment and it takes a strong financial strength to run or manufacture a single car. Not a single car part is produced in Ghana and as such Kantanka Automobile will have to import all the materials it will need to assemble a single car.

Fortunately, by the in-depth knowledge of Apostle Sarfo Kantanka, he does manufacture others but not all parts of the cars he produces. Nonetheless, those local ones also cost to manufacture.

Upon the government’s numerous promises to support local companies, Kantanka Automobile keeps hearing promises without actions to the extent that the government charges duties on the company’s vehicles.

Kantanka Automobile should relocate

The automobile industry is one of the pivotal industries that plays a major role in a country’s economy. It’s a good idea for an automobile company to relocate to a country where it can get higher patronage in its products.

What if Kantanka Automobile decides to relocate to countries like South Africa, China, Germany? Will Ghanaians blame the company for not staying in the country?

Kantanka 71 (K – 71

List of Kantanka car models 


The Kantanka range of cars includes both saloon and four-wheel drive vehicles.

  • Kantanka Nkunimdie SUV.
  • Kanatanka Omana Pickup – a rebadged Foday Lion
  • Kantaka Onantefuo 4×4 pickup/SUV – Kantanka Onantefo SUV a rebadged Foday Explorer 6
  • Kantanka Opasuo –
  • Otumfo SUV.
  • Kantanka K71 small SUV – a rebadged Brilliance Jinbei S30
  • Kantanka Amoanimaa
  • Kantanka Mensah




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