Is Ogidi Brown’s New Artist Banned From Dating By A Clause In His Contract?

Ogidi Brown and Cryme Officer
Ogidi Brown and Cryme Officer

Featured Image: Ogidi Brown and Cryme Officer


Ogidi Brown’s new artiste Cryme Officer is banned by a clause in contract from dating for Five years.



A clause in the contract bans the newly signed artiste from dating.


OGB Music, led by musician Ogidi Brown made waves a few days ago after signing a new artiste in the presence of Schnapps and Eggs, which he terms as witnesses to the contract.

The latest revelation to hit the general public is a report by that disclosed that a clause in the contract prevents the newly signed Cryme Officer from dating for five years. The report originates from an interview the artiste had with Sammy Flex where he disclosed the clause of the contract. According to Cryme Officer, Ogidi Brown explained to him that the clause is to ensure that he focuses on the music career as women could be a distraction.

To further affirm the authenticity of the musician claims, reached out to the Publicist of OBG Music, Afia English. Afia confirmed that indeed there’s a clause that prevents Cryme Officer from dating.