Former President, John Dramani Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama is a smart politician by all standards. Despite the views of many of his opponents that he has slimmer chances of winning the 2020 elections, he is still bulldozing his way through to the Jubilee House. He is a career politician and has been involved in active politics since 1996.

He contested and won as a Member of Parliament for the people of Bole Bamboi Constituency in the Northern Region. He has served a deputy minister, substantive minister, vice president, president, and now a presidential candidate for an opposition party. He has seen it all in politics and also knowns very well the Ghanaian people.


It is not surprising he said, “Ghanaians have short memory”. He was very right because politicians have always succeeded in the forgetfulness of Ghanaians. They would subject the people to hardship for three years and only show they are doing something right when it is an election year.

With his utterances and track record as a president of the Republic of Ghana, it comes as shocking the type of politics he has been engaging in opposition. It is surprising to realize all of a sudden John Dramani Mahama believes in promises.

Even before he launches his manifesto, he has started giving hints on the manifesto that is due to be out doored in August. He is on a promising spree; something he did not believe in some a few years ago.


John Dramani Mahama and his NDC party have begun telling Ghanaians their alternative policies and why they should be given the mandate to rule again. Some of the things he has said are of doubtful feasibility, and I will explain why.

1. During the outdooring of his running mate, Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang earlier this week, Former President John Dramani Mahama said before the end of 2021, if he is re-elected as president of Ghana in December, he will introduce and begin the implementation of a free primary healthcare plan. “This will make the provision of primary healthcare to all Ghanaians young and elderly free,” he stressed.

This is coming from someone who promised to implement a one-time premium of the National Health Insurance Scheme introduced by former president John Agyekum Kuffour. The one-time policy would have ensured that Ghanaians would only pay once for the premium of the NHIS, and the government would pay the rest. During the 2008 electioneering campaign, the NDC wanted to win elections at all costs after staying in opposition for 8 years, so they made that promise to Ghanaians. After they won power for 2 consecutive times, the NDC and John Mahama neither introduced what they promised nor apologized to Ghanaians for deceiving them.


He is the same person who believed Free Senior High School was not possible. They made Ghanaians believe that anything free was of inferior quality, and they argued that governments should rather pay people well to enable them to cater for their kids in schools. I don’t know what has changed and how exactly is implementing a one-time premium they couldn’t fulfil while in government is different from the Free Primary Health Care they are promising in opposition.

2. Speaking at an event in the UPSA auditorium to outdoor his running mate to the country, he said, “My heart goes out to the many who have been affected by this Government’s unjustifiable collapse of Ghanaian-owned financial institutions.” “I weep for the many who have lost their jobs, the many who have lost their businesses, the many who have lost their livelihood among others.

“I pledge on behalf of the NDC that we shall pay within one year all who have funds locked up with the collapsed financial institutions. Within one year. I promise!”

This sounds like a mere political rhetoric because he has a very bad record with regard to managing financial institutions. While he was the president of the Republic of Ghana, there were major financial institutions that collapsed, and he couldn’t pay the affected people who were also Ghanaians. God is Love, and Noble Dream, all collapsed under the watch of John Dramani Mahama, and many people who were affected in terms of loss of capital and jobs lost their lives.

John Mahama is a smart politician who wants to deceive Ghanaians with juicy promises because he knows they have short memories.


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