Is Boostpal coming back?

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Is Boostpal coming back? This is the question on the lips of many users of the video platform that paid users money to watch videos. Users were required to upgrade by buying a package to enable them watch videos.

Many people benefited from Boostpal and one user posted on Facebook that he bought a car from watching videos from the website. Other users also share testimonies of how little investments returned huge sums of monies.


The world got up on Monday morning only to find out that Boostpal’s website has been taken down.

There has been no communication from the owners after 24 hours and it has been assumed by many that it was a Ponzi Scheme that has achieved its objective.

In August 2018, Boostpal went offline for few days and came back without further challenges. It has not yet been established if the ‘company’ is facing technical challenges with its servers due to the high volume of traffic directed to the website. The silence of the owners casts doubts if they are really facing technical challenges.


From all indications, Boostpal is not coming back. It bears characteristics of a Ponzi Scheme especially when it immediately rebranded to VIEWDIME to dupe more people.

The Kenya based company that decided to use a Fake UK address is enough to tell users that it was a fraudulent website set up to dupe people.

NO, Boostpal isn’t coming back, at least not as Boostpal, but as other names and may be with fresh Ponzi concepts.



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