Health is wealth, but the focus on gaining wealth has become the order of the day to the extent that the majority of us neglect our health in order to ensure our money bags continue to grow bigger. Staying healthy is one of the best treatments one can give to him or herself.

Self-inflicted diseases which arise as a result of a lack of physical exercise is definitely not the way to go. And when we talk about fitness, people seem to picture the physique of a “macho man”. But fitness is individualized. Confused?


Even in the world of sports, what amounts to being fit differ. The fitness a boxer or wrestler requires is not the same as the fitness a footballer or a 100m athlete requires. In the same vein, the fitness a market woman needs is different from the fitness a journalist requires. This is seen in the intensity and variety of exercises which are supposed to be done by people in various professions.

What exactly is fitness? Fitness is having enough energy to undergo your daily pursuits without undue fatigue with stores of energy to attend to emergencies. There are health and skill components of fitness. The health components of fitness include; flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance. The skill-related components of fitness include; agility, body balance, coordination, reaction time et al.


The bottom line is that irrespective of one’s profession, all exercises undertaken must enhance the health-related components of fitness. Exercise is also any bodily movement undertaken by the skeletal muscles where the energy required to undertake such movements goes beyond the basal levels. Basal energy levels refer to the energy the body requires to maintain life processes such as breathing, digestion, respiration et al.

So well, celebrities need to stay healthy to stay alive and keep us entertained. Over the years, some celebrities have shown that they do not joke with their fitness and have taken it as a point to exercise. The health benefits of exercise are also enormous; a reduction in the resting heart rate, strengthening of the body’s bones and muscles, the release of the feel-good hormones, reduction in stress levels as well as improvement in the ability to concentrate are but a few to mention.

Let us take a look at some of these celebrities who show us how they stay fit.


Lexis Bill

Kwame Sakyiama, popularly known as Lexis Bill, a presenter with Joy FM is one of the celebrities who post their fitness routines on social media. His love for fitness is quite impressive to the extent that in 2017, he launched a fitness campaign where he leads a group of young professionals in keeping fit. He usually posts videos where he’s seen exercising in X-Gym Fitness.

Okyeame Kwame

His real name is Kwame Nsiah-Apau. “The best rapper alive” is also very fond of exercising. He regularly posts his exercise session videos on his social media handles. Sometimes he also posts workout sessions he has with his wife. Strength training exercises and aerobics seem to be his favourite exercise type.

Angela Bamford

The presenter who recently joined GHOne TV is also very fond of posting her exercise sessions on her social media handles.


Derrick Kobina Bonney is also one of the fitness lovers. In fact, his body transformation is quite remarkable because years ago, he had a potbelly. He often posts videos of the workout sessions he has at the GH Body Classics Gym.


The award-winning rapper also posts videos of his workout session. However, he doesn’t seem to do that quite often.  Days ago, after hitting the gym, he announced that the song “I can’t kill myself” ought to be banned from all gyms. We hope that he’ll continue exercising.

Majid Michel

The popular actor is also one of the celebrities who show off their fitness routine. It is even believed that he also practices martial arts.

Prince David Osei

He’s madly in love with staying fit and usually posts images of his well-built body.

Joselyn Dumas

The greatly endowed actress cum presenter also often posts videos of her workout sessions. Her body transformation also shocked a lot of Ghanaians.  She also has a fitness show known as “home with Joselyn Dumas”.


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