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2020 elections are not going to be a contest at all. The opposition National Democratic Congress is fighting a lost battle because they have lost the election in advance. The party has lost tact and balance and are walking from opposition to opposition. The rest of the article is going to tell you the reason why the New Patriotic Party will win the 2020 general elections easily.

Ghanaians have become very discerning and would not condescend to tribal and trivial politics again. At least 2016 is a classic example of the new Ghanaian attitude. The NDC has been performing creditably well when it comes to throwing out lies people to win their support. That can’t happen again.


That chain has since been broken, but unfortunately, the opposition National Democratic Congress seems not to be aware of this glaring reality as they did in 2016. In 2016, even after they had lost the elections, they still went ahead to organize a press conference to tell their supporters that they were in a comfortable lead. Accounts after the polls have revealed that the party has still not collated the results as of today. This shows what they take their supporters for. John Dumelo’s claim that the party he belongs to doesn’t believe in intellectuals seems very true.

The implementation of the free Senior High School program is going to weaken the NDC’s electoral fortunes. Their position on the much-touted free Senior High School program makes parents lose trust in them that they can maintain the program should they vote them into power next year. The program has given access to over one million Ghanaians who are currently in school. It should not be forgotten that most of the students are currently registering for the voters ID card and are going to vote on December 7th.

One million students who would have been in the house without the free SHS program are going to give Nana Addo their thumb. There is an Akan proverb that “we don’t throw into death the person who once threw you to life”. To wit, no one will pay the other bad for a good deed. The Free SHS students and their families alone can cause a victory for the New Patriotic Party.


Employment is a crucial determinant of elections. Nana Addo’s achievement in reducing unemployment is outstanding in the 4th republic. The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) program has absorbed over a hundred thousand youth who were unemployed. These are the things that the youth are going to look up to when they are casting their votes. Under John Dramani Mahama, he was remembered for freezing employment and salaries of workers.

Nana Addo also employed an additional eight thousand teachers to augment the staff capacity of the Senior High Schools after the introduction of the Free SHS program. A good number of nurses have been employed too. These things make him get an upper head and an edge ahead of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Nana Addo’s achievement in the health sector has been commended, both locally and internationally. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, his sterling leadership exhibited puts him ahead of his peers around the globe. The NPP government has managed to win more hearts even in this coronavirus pandemic. The president has implemented some major programs as part of the measures to control the pandemic and ease the economic burden it has brought on Ghanaians.


The president implemented free water delivery to the household for three months because of the coronavirus. This alleviated poverty from people and was made the ordinary person know that the government thinks about them, but indirectly, the president was appealing for votes. He added it with free electricity for three months, and all these happened during the lockdown. That was a smarter way to campaign even in COVID.

John Dramani Mahama, on the other side, can hardly campaign and cannot also distribute something to every Ghanaian. Food was supplied to some vulnerable communities in the lockdown affected places.

The president treated frontline workers so well that even great countries like the United States of America could not do for their citizens.

Finally, the party has developed the most robust election campaign team with the indefatigable Peter Mac Manu heading the team again. He has promised to deliver another safe victory for the party this time around.


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