If Rev. Obofuor’s son was the one behaving like Duncan-Williams’ son, the narrative would have been different

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When a certain Prophet Benjamin Opoku Agyemang, popularly known as ‘Arch Prophet’ dropped some wild allegations about the ‘mysterious’ death of Rev. Obofuor’s first two children, Ghanaians went haywire and tagged Rev. Obofuor as an occultist. It was as though it was the first time that a parent had lost his children.

Duncan-Williams and Daniel

Rev. Obofuor is famed for his unorthodox methods of preaching. He doesn’t mind dancing to ‘secular music’ during his sermons, but won’t you and I be hypocrites if we listen to these so-called ‘secular’ music yet behave as if this same secular music is evil all because it is played in the church? Anyway, even without verifying the ‘Arch Prophet’s’ claims about the death of Rev. Obofuor’s children, Ghanaians went ahead to attack Rev. Obofuor, insisting that he is evil. Someone lost a child and no mourned or sympathised with him but rather accused him of using the son for sacrifices just because of his wealth.


Rev. Obofour and wife
Rev. Obofour and wife

This week, Daniel Duncan Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams went berserk on social media as he released ‘exposés’ of his dad and some x-rated videos. But for the Archbishop, the narrative was different, and even became more pronounced after the Archbishop’s revelation that his son was suffering from a disorder and that his outbursts were as a result of a relapse.

A painful reminder; we all sympathized with Rev. Eastwood Anaba when he lost all of his children in a ghastly accident but would we have done the same if they were children of a Twi-speaking Pastor?

Why do we measure the English-speaking pastors with a unit of measurement different from that which is used to measure the Twi-speaking pastors? But come to think of it, there are English speaking pastors who are also money-centred thus, sell anointing oil and other items at exorbitant prices. What is the guarantee that the miracles performed by these English-speaking pastors are not fake?


Is Duncan-Williams not far richer than Rev. Obofour? Does speaking English bar a pastor from using a son for occultism?

I feel worried for Duncan-Williams and what he is currently going through and it is my prayer that God guides him and heal his son. I am worried not because he speaks English or conducts himself differently from Rev. Obofour, it’s because he’s human.

Why do we not scrutinize the English-speaking pastors as much as we do to the Twi-speaking pastors? Would the narrative have been different if Rev. Obofour’s son was the one diagnosed with a mental disorder? Definitely Rev. Obofour would have been accused of using the son for rituals.


Let’s stop being hypocrites.



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