Identifying spiritual marriage and the spiritual directions to break it

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Spiritual marriage is the term given to a situation where a mortal human being is taken as a wife or as a husband by an evil spirit. As expected, these spiritual spouses operate in the spirit world but are believed to manifest themselves to their human partners through dreams occasionally, and visions or sometimes cause certain things to happen in the lives of their human partners to show their presence.

Single men or women who are spiritually married are denied the opportunity to marry in real life. A married partner who has a second spouse spiritually mostly have their marriages ruined.  Many who are spiritually married are unaware and some even enjoy the experiences they have in their dreams and call for more.


How do you know if you are spiritually married?

As explained early, spiritual marriage is an unwarranted union that exists between an unsuspecting human being and an evil spirit; as such, in most situations, the human partners are unable to determine this union. These signs are being indicators that a person has been taken by a spirit wife or a spirit husband.

Sex in Dreams

One key sign of identifying that a person is spiritually married is the regular occurrences of dreams in which a person sees themselves having sex most often with people they have no idea about. The alarming thing is after the dream; the human sees a physical manifestation of the dream they had.

Most people confuse this phenomenon for wet dreams, but it must be noted that wet dreams occur in the adolescent age hence if an adult is still having sex in dreams, it is an indicator they are married to a spirit being.


Sometimes the spirits go further to confuse their partners by appearing in the image of someone they know in real life. Some have ignorantly fought the persons they see in their dreams and blamed them for marrying them spiritually.

Deprives the real-life partner of sex

Most often, you hear married couples saying that they have lost interest and are no longer attracted to their physical spouses anymore. Most go to the extent of charging their husbands for money before sex and giving irrational excuses to avoid having sex with their wives. This is also an indication that one is married to a spiritual being.

This indication alone could not be the case. Once you notice this, you can begin to look at for other indications to see as this alone cannot be considered as enough proof of someone who is spiritually married.


Dreams that one is in water bodies

One red flag that shows that a person is in a spiritual marriage is the recurrence of dreams in which a person sees themselves mostly in water bodies, or seen walking in water bodies; be it a sea, river, stream or pond. This kind of dreams indicates that a person is probably in a married relationship with a marine spirit.


Most people who are married spiritually mostly feel the strong urge to masturbate even if they have partners in real life. They imagine things or people they have no idea about while masturbating.

Denies physical partners marriage

When a person is married by a spirit, mostly it is difficult for the physical spouse to be married, the physical spouse faces a situation of promised and failed marriage intentions, or most often end their relationship with their physical partners due to an immoral lifestyle inspired by their spiritual husbands or wives.

How to break spiritual marriages

To break a spiritual marriage, one must have; water from a flowing water body, an anointing oil, and seven lemon fruits. Once you have these, follow the spiritual directions below;

  1. Bath for seven days with the water from a flowing water body mixed with a lemon juice for seven days. A lemon must be used each day.
  2. On the seventh day, one must fast and pray to break away from the spiritual marriages.

It must be noted that, the seven days must be created such that, it ends up on the day the victim was born. This is because the fasting and prayers are to be held on the day the person was born. Most people, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa do not know the days they were born. You can trace it online by entering your date of birth, the day will pop up. Or use your phone’s calendar to check. In Ghana, everyone knows.

Do this, and you would be delivered from spiritual marriages. You will not see signs again and you will love life would be restored in Jesus name!

“Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered? But thus saith the Lord, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.” – Isaiah 49:24-25