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‘I Was Slapped For The Roles I Play In Movies’ – Actor Kelvin Ikeduba

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Movie actors seem to find it difficult to convince fans of the kind of role they play in movies against their real lifestyles.

Actor Kelvin Ikedua in an interview has revealed how his roles played in a movie have affected him in real life.

According to him, he has received slapped and insults onset due to the way he interprets his roles.

In the interview he said,

“I have had different experiences. I have been slapped, called names because of my roles in movies. But I believe it’s all about mistaken identity.’

Though I play the bad boy role, naturally, I am not a bad person. You know, Nigerians could be fanatical if they want to be.

Some people would ask me why did you do that in the film and so on. I don’t see it from the negative side. Rather, I see it from the positive side that I played the character well and that’s why I am getting all these reactions.

So, most times when those negative remarks come my way, I don’t feel bad about them. Rather, I just tell myself for people to react this way, Kelvin you are very good at what you are doing.”