Gospel singer Lady Prempeh has disclosed that premarital s3x is a no go area for God and she regrets engaging in it.

Speaking with Fanky5 on This Is Gospel on Hitz FM, Lady Prempeh revealed s3x before marriage is seen to be normal now but it’s still a sin.


“That’s something, to me, I felt I shouldn’t have done it. I should have waited till I get married. Premarital s3x looks normal now but if you know whom you’re serving, that’s a no go area for Him”, she divulged.

She also advised that one cannot do what he/she likes and expect God’s blessings.

“If you have to follow this path you must be on it. Don’t try to sway or go your path and believe God to come with you. No, you have to go his way,” she advised.


Source: www.wysepromotions.com


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