Wedding pictures of King Sarks and the adorable Tracy
Wedding pictures of King Sarks and the adorable Tracy

As the dials hurriedly rundown 2018 to usher in a new year,
this last Saturday grants some the last hurrah to say their I dos.

On this day, the doors to family house open ajar, church gates swing loosely and invitees troop in to rented places.
As variously shaped canopies are raised and cutlery are set in position, there can only be one feeling – love is in the air.
On this day, family heads take center stage and the actual performers are relegated to the backstage.
The display of cultural acumen could only be a sight worth beholding.
In several family houses, aeroplanes will park just to convey a would-be bride from a bedroom to the living-room.
Flowers would be plucked; perhaps a Koforidua flower.
All eyes will be on the bride and groom.
Dads will walk their daughters down the aisles, the little princesses will strewn confetti around and I dos will be said at marriage altars.


There will be attendees who still continue to grapple with why it’s not their big day,
Others their hopes are dashed just like a confetti to the wind!!
As the Officiators give the sermons/counsels, vows would be exchanged,
To which I dos will reign supreme.
But to what do they do?
To do to love the partner of their dreams?
Or to do to live with the partner who meet their conditionalities?
There are heavy hearts on both sides,
Would-be couples whose “love” lies at the mercy of someone else,
And an attendee who knows that a bride or groom is just going through the motions of exchanging I dos – their hearts are far removed from their I dos.
Some attendees just have to be present, lest they raise eyebrows.
Amidst the dancing and merry, to some the cracks just could not be papered over.

Later in the day, there would be newlyweds who would be in the dreamland,
There would be newlyweds who will be reeling from their earlier commitment.
Some exes will sob themselves to sleep; whiles others are so excited for the couples they talk of it through the night.
Whichever side you may find yourself, you know what,
People die, relationships end but life continues!!
Ça c’est la vie! (Such is life!)

Today will be a memorable day not just because a close friend of more than 15yrs walks down the aisle,
But also on this day some 11yrs back,
I said a sort of I do- to become a JW, a vow to which I’ve never looked back!!
I’ll be in attendance full of joy and adulation for the will-be-couple,
I have no reservations towards the bride and I am not gay too!!
But who knows what impulses the neurons will carry inside the skulls of the couple?
And who knows the chills and goosebumps of perhaps an attendee?
Only the a “partner” or the “attendee” may be privileged.


Few revolutions of the earth later, couples may look on this day with fondness like I did with mine 11yrs ago,
Or with misgivings of having made the “wrong choice.”
But is a mate ever a wrong choice?
May be but marriages do not work out when the Originator, the God to whom everything is possible is sidelined.
When this happens the “right” choice will become a “wrong” choice.

To all those who are getting married this weekend,
To those who are planning towards theirs next year, may the Good Lord crown your efforts.

Who knows, just perhaps a year today,
it’ll be my big day too,
And I’ll be saying my I do.
But to what will I do?
I hope to mean what I do!!
Because I owe it to the recipient just to mean those 2 words and hopefully she reciprocates the gesture.
But to a prospective disgruntled Lady, perhaps unbeknownst to me,
How I go do am?
Move on, may be your heart may heal,
If not, you may just have to go through the motions of saying “I do” yourself. But to what will you do?


Only the Sayer (and may be the Recipient) understands I do !!

By: Pierre Papin Akesse (Jean-Pierre Sanza)


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