Chopping onions can be very irritating and people have tried all sort of techniques to stop these tears caused by the gas from the onions but to no avail. brings to you a trusted technique that has been tested many times.


What causes the tears when chopping onions?

There has been several myths surrounding why people cry when chopping onions. Some have argued that the tears are caused by the mere fact that the eyes sighted the chopped onions. And since one cannot close the eyes when chopping onions, many have concluded that nothing could be done.

Those are myths. Now comes the fact. Onions contain compounds. These compounds are forced out in the form of gas when chopped. The gas then travels to the eyes to cause tears to flow.

How do we chop onions without crying then?

Put the onions in a refrigerator for at least 10 minutes before chopping. This forces the compounds to stay in the onions without leaving in the form of gas. Chop the onions while it’s still cold.


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