Throughout the history of man, from one civilization to the other, mankind’s thirst for power and aristocracy has taken man to the ends of the world, seeking to do, seeking to say and willing to lay down principles they abide by and believe in, just to have a taste of power and to have all others beneath them. The scenario is not different from what Ghana’s biggest opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has demonstrated and is demonstrating with barely five months to the December 7th, 2020 parliamentary and presidential elections. The party has gone against every policy and promise they swore against and described as derogatory to the advancement and development of the country four years because of the NDC’s quest to be popular in the minds and hearts of Ghanaians to hopefully secure the party a resounding victory in the coming December elections. The sudden change of stance of the NDC makes one reflect if the party was misinformed during the 2016 campaigning period or the NDC was just sabotaging the NPP and playing the devil’s advocate? Well, that is a topic for discussion on another day but let us explore some promises that the NDC has made to fulfill in their next administration that they were against in the 2016 elections and give roots to claims that the party has become a populist political party;

The reintroduction of the trainee allowances

Prior to the 2016 general elections, the flagbearer and then president of the republic, H.E. John Dramani Mahama cancelled trainee the over decade old trainee allowances for teacher training colleges and nursing training colleges to allow the government construct more training facilities for others who wish to learn the teaching and nursing profession. However, the NPP made it a policy to reintroduce it if the party is elected and this promise played a key role in the NPP winning the 2016 general elections, since most trainees voted for the NPP just so they can receive their allowances once more. Having realized the significance of that promise to the victory of the NPP and how popular it made the party among the trainees, the NDC has promised to maintain it when they are voted into office. But wait, what happened to constructing more colleges?


Maintaining Free Senior High School Policy

President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP were the objects of mockery for some communicators of the NDC and its leader, John Dramani Mahama who swore heaven and earth that the free SHS policy is not feasible and would have negative impact on the quality of education provided to Ghanaian students. In 2017 when the policy was rolled out, the NDC argued over-crowding and its effect on academic performance, the NDC argued how free SHS is affecting the quality of teaching and learning. However, after the release of numerous research works from reputable institutions like the Department of Political Science; University of Ghana, IDEG and a host other which provided the relevance of the policy in the resounding 2016 victory of the NPP, the NDC is now saying that, the party would continue to implement the free SHS program in their next administration. The begging question is, what change about the free SHS the NDC criticized would destroy the educational system of Ghana? it is crystal clear the party is maintaining it just for popularity and votes during the 2020 general elections.

In summary, the decision of the NDC to maintain the trainee allowance and the Free SHS policy, policies which they stood against and provided tangible explanations for, is a clear indication of the party’s attempt to be a popular party among Ghanaians.


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