How Much Did It Cost To Make Coming To America?

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Coming 2 America released on June 29 1988 is about a young prince called Akeem Joffer played by Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy on the day of his coronation rejected his betrothed wife and move to America with his favorite Semmi played by Asensio  Hall to search for a wife.

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In America, Akeem and Semmi worked at McDowell’s a fast food joint owned by Cleo McDowell and managed by her daughter, Lizzy. Lizzy would in the future become the wife of Akeem after ditching her finance


Production Cost Of Making To Coming 2 America. The production team and investors well spent $28 million for publicity and as payment for the top-notch Hollywood stars he featured in the movies

The cast of Coming 2 America

The cast of Coming 2 America are; Leila Shaeli, Louie Anderson, Asensio Hall, Eddie Murphy, Shari Headley, John Amos, and a host of others while the cast for Coming 2 America 2 are the same characters with the introduction of Wesley Snipes and Leslie Jones