Opera June Earnings

I earned GHS3291 and GHS4576 for May and June respectively for my write-ups on the Opera News Hub Ghana. I have been receiving several emails from other creators who are impressed with my performance and one question that runs through all the messages is: “How do you do it?”.

In my previous article on my experience in writing for Opera, I emphasised on the need to understand how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) works to be able to get the best out of the platform. I have a few tips to share with you which, if followed, can increase your earnings for the month of July and beyond.


Be unique

Don’t reproduce a topic because you have seen many of them on the News App. No one reads a story twice. A typical example is when Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang was announced as the running mate of John Dramani Mahama. I saw many writers “breaking” the news on the platform. That’s not actually Opera News Hub is expecting from Hub Writers. The platform takes feeds from many blogs and news platforms. What hub writers are supposed to do is to analyse the selection of Prof. Opoku Agyemang critically. So I came up with the articles below:

Prof. Jane Naana Opoku? The Pros and cons put NDC in a very tight corner.

What Prof. Jane Naana Opoku has in common with past running mates that should scare the NPP.


List of 10 female running mates and presidential candidates of Ghana.

How Prof. Opoku Agyemang’s appointment puts NPP communicators in a tight corner.

These articles automatically put me on a winning side because they turn out to be among the few pieces on Prof. Opoku Agyemang that are unique. So when anyone reads an article on John Mahama’s running mate, one of these are likely to be recommended to them. You may not see these in the Top Stories but are being recommended to the 1000s of readers reading on the Prof Jane’s nomination.


Put yourself in readers’ shoes

This is something I always do when writing. I ask myself if I would click on such an article if I come across it. Ask yourself what your comments would have been if the article you’ve written was produced by someone else. Would you applaud the author or describe it as a useless article?

Have the readers in mind when writing. I try to do my best to let readers come into agreement with me. Have a look at the articles below:

Would NPP allow Bawumia to proceed as a presidential candidate like how Mahama was allowed by NDC?.
Where are all the senior politicians in the NDC? The battle is no longer for babies.

After reading the above articles, both NPP and NDC readers agreed with me. The article is written with facts that everyone would nod their head to after reading. Readers are forced to read the whole lengthy articles and even join the discussions. So write content that readers would love to read to the end.

Help Opera News to grow

Opera News Hub has announced how their payments are calculated. There is no doubt that they pay us a percentage of their ads revenue. So the more you generate for them, the more you are paid. This isn’t official, but it’s something I’m tempted to believe. So I share my content widely after publishing them. People who have not downloaded the app are asked to download as they try to read my articles. Each App install means a lot to app owners. And all these people installing the app because you are likely to be your followers or regular readers.

So don’t just publish and end it there, share!

Award-winning content

If you write with the weekly and monthly rewards in mind, you end up producing quality articles. So don’t publish for publishing sake, treat every article as a potential winner of an award.

Stay original

Don’t try to outsmart the system by rewriting the content of other creators or stealing those from other websites. Even when your original article is similar to some of the existing articles, your impressions cut immediately the AI notices that it’s an “old” article or similar to one it has served to the app users.

Think outside the box. Write what no one is writing. If you are forced to write on a topic, create a slight difference. An example was when we celebrated Fathers’ Day. I knew everyone would be writing on Male Celebrities who are fathers. So I rather limited mine to only young celebrities. I also tackled celebrities who are instead reminded of their lost kids. I posted the articles below:

Fathers’ Day: Photos Of Young Ghanaian Celebrities Who Are Fathers That Will Melt Your heart.
A Sad Fathers’ Day: Celebrities Who Have Lost Their Kids To Death.

And when everyone was paying attention to celebrities who have died in 2020, I rather wrote about those who refused to die despite ‘seeing’ death. Below is the topic:

7 Ghanaian celebrities who saw death but refused to succumb to it.

That was an award-winning article. Not even a similar one is found on the internet. That’s what originality means.

Don’t give up due to low clicks

There are over 2000 writers on Opera News Hub Ghana now. Everyone is writing, and this means an average of 2000 articles are published at any moment we publish, assuming we all post at the same time. So you can’t blame Opera News for the low clicks but you can take a lesson from the Click Through Rate (CTR). If you have a low CTR, it means people are not interested in your article.

Sometimes articles get to the Top Stories but still receive low clicks. Per my studies, this is due to the Thumbnails used. Headlines are written on the thumbnails if they appear in the Top Stories. These headlines are in white. So select images that will make headlines still visible when they are written on it in white. If people are not able to read the headline, there is no way they are going to click on it. If you look at my featured images of President Akufo Addo and John Mahama articles, they are all in black tops/suits.

So your job is to publish a quality article, look for your clicks outside the app by sharing your link, and leave whatever happens on the app to Opera News and their AI.

Publish more

I decided to work full time to see if Opera News is worth it, and yes they’ve proven so. Producing a quality article takes so much time. If you are doing this as part-time, then you shouldn’t be in a hurry to publish. Strategise your time in a way that you can produce at least 50 articles in a month. Comparing the earnings of other writers in various Opera News groups, I noticed that writers who published more quality articles earned more, and they are proportionally higher to those who published less.

Reduce Rejections

I hate rejections, and so do you. I just don’t want to see those RED WARNINGS in my account. It’s as if I have committed a great sin. When my article is rejected, it spoils my day, and I’m not able to work again until the next day. I spend time to compose my articles and rejections are insults to my intelligence. But what can I do?

I took the time to compare my rejections and that of others in various Opera News groups. I got to understand the AI and the cause of the rejections. Rejection kills my spirit, and I hope it does to you too. So below are ways to say Goodbye to rejections.


I feel like crying when an article is described as “containing junk sentences”. In an attempt to write longer pieces, you end up writing a lot of “junk”. After comparing several articles rejected with this condition, I noticed that most of the sentences were irrelevant to the heading. Stick to the title and make sure every single sentence is about it. If a particular topic will cause you to write a lot of “waste”, ignore it.

Avoid advertisement

This is another interesting reason for rejection. I ask myself what’s being advertised that it has been “deemed to be an advertisement”. After comparing articles rejected under this reason, I noticed that the articles had internal links irrelevant to the story. Though linking is appropriate and helps readers, some links are just to drive traffic to other websites. Articles with such linking are rejected as advertisement. These articles were approved after the links were removed.

I’m sure you were wondering why I didn’t link to my articles that I have used as examples in this post. If I link to them, this post could be rejected as an advertisement.

So to play safe and reduce the number of rejections, avoid linking to other websites.

Out-of-date/Not original

Thousands are publishing on the platform, and in some occasions, approvals are delayed. If you wrote a news article, it could be out of date when approval is delayed. News articles are likely to have the same sentences coincidentally, and the AI may treat them as not original. So I stay away from news.

Sometimes too a quote in a news article is too long that it forms about 80% of the entire article. A typical example is writing on something A-Plus, or John Mahama shared. Their quotes are already 300 words. It means you have to write over 700 words more if you want to insert that quote. Failing to do so could have the article rejected as not original because the copied quote forms over 50% of the article. I just stay away from news and long quotes.

Interesting and Long Articles

Lastly, you can increase your earnings by writing long articles. Not just long articles but interesting ones. No one reads long articles if they are boring. If you have read at to this point, it means this article is either interesting or useful, so you had no option than to keep reading all the 1687 words.

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