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How I became the highest earner on Opera News Hub in Ghana

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If working hard pays, I would have stepped outside and tried something very challenging that requires a lot of energy. What matters is working smartly. Many will lie that they joined Opera just to write, but in reality, we joined to make money by feeding readers with useful content.

I joined Opera News Hub in the second week of May after my friends confirmed receipt of their April payments. I got on board quickly. I joined Facebook and Whatsapp groups to familiarise myself with some of the complaints. Also, I read all the announcements Opera News posted on the publishers’ section even before I published my first article.


In the rest of this post, I will discuss ten reasons that earned me GHS 3291.40 in less than three weeks on Opera News Hub in Ghana.

Content is King

I call Opera News a Kingdom, and it’s content that rules the kingdom. Producing quality content is what comes to mind when I sit by the PC to write. I tell my friends that I write with the $100 reward in mind. So after writing, I ask myself: can this article with the $100 prize?

Report people reposting my articles

People see good content when they come across it. So I had a problem with people copying my articles and reposting them in the hub. Per my study of the AI, I noticed that when someone reposts my article, the rate my impressions were rising reduces. In some cases, the copied article instead perform better than the original one. So I never hesitated to report all those stolen articles.


Lengthy Articles

Lengthy articles that are insightful pay better than short ones. The longer a reader spends on an article, the more likely he/she will click on an ad. Opera News pays me when they make money, so why don’t have write articles that will generate money? If you look through my articles, 99% of them are lengthy. If I write 1000-word articles, and someone else does only 150-words, it means the person has to write at least seven articles to be able to match mine.

Reduce the number of rejections

I also got to know that Opera News rates accounts and the number of rejections count. More rejections show that the writer is still not used to Opera News Hub publishing terms and conditions. So I try my best to avoid specific stories that are likely to be rejected. I get angry when my story is rejected because I always feel like it was wrongly rejected.

I write when I have to

If you make it a must to write at all cost, you may end up writing anything at all, and users won’t find useful. I take time to select my topics and write them when I have the time to.


I share a lot

Opera News is also interested in having people to download their App. Though they’ve not said it openly, any smart person would know. So if a writer helps them in that regard, the AI will notice the article that’s causing the many App downloads and show it to people who are likely to share it. So I share my articles all over; on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. People who try to read are prompted to download the App. Each App download is a significant contribution by the writer to the growth of Opera News. Who knows, maybe they factor that into the earnings.

Studied the AI

Artificial Intelligence does most of the moderations on Opera News Hub. This is a robot that has been trained to work in a particular manner. To work with the AI, you need to understand how it works.

Studied the interest of Opera News users

The content produced is to be read by the users of Opera News. So I needed to study those I’m writing for. I spent so much time scrolling on the App to bookmark articles that users were engaging with the most. This gave me an idea of what to write on.

I tested by writing on several categories including Entertainment, Lifestyle, Politics and Religion. I take note of how readers interacted with all the articles and gave them more of what they wanted. I realised that religious articles had lower clicks but valuable. My religious articles have 1700-2000 words each. So a single click on these articles is like a 300-word article receiving seven clicks.

With Politics, I tested both pro-NPP and NDC articles. Luckily for me, I have no political affiliation, so I’m able to write whatever I have to.

Followed Top writers

The weekly rewards also helped me a lot. Though I won only one in the fourth week, they helped me a lot to identify articles that Opera News consider as “Quality Articles”. So I followed these winners and kept reading from them, not to copy what they do, but to get a clear definition of what quality content means.

Took trends from different angles

This is what I do best. When I read that Opera News Hub doesn’t reward writers for reporting news, I noticed that news reports do not meet the definition of a quality article. So while everyone was reporting “Apraku My Daughter is Dead”, I was rather writing from different angles. This is because most writers would end up having their news reports rejected as “Not Original” or “Out of date”. I rather analysed the cause of his death, the role of Ghanaians, Obofour, and also looked into the lives of other pastors that were worthy of discussion due to Apraku’s death.

While everyone was publishing on celebrities and their children on Fathers’ Day, I didn’t follow the crowd. I instead posted on fathers who have lost their kids. Because of how I tackle trending issues from different angles, my articles easily get featured in the Top Stories.

UPDATE: I left Opera Hub after three months after some mafia payment.