On Tuesday, May 19 2020, a video of the then-popular Evangelist and prophet, Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, popularly known as ‘Apraku My Daughter’ looking sick and visibly drunk went viral on social media. A day after the said video went viral, news spread like wildfire of ‘Apraku My Daughter’s’ sudden death – which was confirmed to be true.

Rev. Obofour and wife
Rev. Obofour and wife

The truth about Apraku, a man who was once upon a time, a vibrant and influential man of God and who averred that he used to own 300 cars, is that he died as a pauper and a drunkard. Apraku’s physical and financial conditions prior to his demise was in stark contrast to prophetic declarations by Rev. Emmanuel Obofuor (founder of Anointed Palace Chapel) who declared that Apraku had being delivered from alcoholism and poverty. In a video, Rev. Obofuor was seen spraying ‘money perfume’ on Apraku’s hands and declaring that Apraku’s hands will ‘count money again’.

Let’s set the records straight! Apraku confirmed in an interview on KOFI TV that indeed, he received a 4wheel drive and 15, 000 cedis (which was to be used to secure a decent place of accommodation) from Rev. Obofuor. In the interview, Apraku said that he had parked the 4wheel drive because he didn’t have money to fuel it. When he was asked about the 15,000 cedis, Apraku revealed that during his quest to get a decent place of accommodation, he got swindled and lost the money.

It can be noted that Rev. Obofuor also instructed the administrators of his church to pay Apraku 1000 cedis monthly. However, in the said interview on KOFI TV, Apraku displayed 2 cedis as the only amount of money he had left. Rev. Obofuor’s claim of paying a monthly salary to Apraku is what we have been unable to verify but Apraku’s condition at the time of interview and his death cast doubts if he was truly in receipt of monthly stipends from Obofour.

Apraku My Daughter

Despite available evidence pointing to the fact that Rev. Obofuor did his part to ensure that Apraku led a more decent life, the doubts about Rev. Obofuor’s Prophetic-accuracy as a prophet of God still exists. This is so because contrary to his prophecy, Apraku was not delivered from alcoholism, neither did his financial state got better despite the latter’s use of a purported ‘money perfume’. So many questions are coming up. Is the ‘Money Perfume’ really money perfume? Was Apraku rich but decided to live such a life? Absolutely NO!

Is this a case which can be interpreted as a sheer lack of willpower in quitting alcoholism on the part of Apraku despite being delivered or as a case where a prophecy by a ‘self-serving’ Rev. Obofuor turned out to be fake/inaccurate?

In other developments …

Bloggers and Facebook Vloggers are eagerly calling for a beef between Rev. Obofour and Kennedy Agyapong. This necessitated the need for them to push an old video as a new one which was misinterpreted to point to the Member of Parliament.  Many online portals fell for this video and reported that  Rev. Obofuor has thrown a challenge to maverick politician and chief exposer of fake pastors, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong.

In the video, Obofuor said, “Let them dare…. see I told you people that those people who have television presenters and also claim they’re rich men are fooling on TV stations. I’ll make them useless both spiritually and physically. If you think I’m bragging, let him dare and I’ll leak their screenshots. I don’t fear anyone in Ghana but I respect the country. That nonsense must stop. We’ll expose them professionally”.

The above statement was directed at Kennedy Agyapong by bloggers and other news portals, a man who literally thinks about fighting when he wakes up.

Kennedy Agyapong and his NET2 TV host Annan have admitted that the video was an old video and was is not a response to them. They described the video as “trap”. They didn’t give further details as to why they see it as a trap but Kennedy Agyapong has been previously accused of basing his arguments on fake news and edited videos. The MP did not want to top up such claims.

Till the battle lines between Ken and Obofuor get drawn and the sounds of war get sounded to see who’ll emerge triumphant, we can but only wonder about the extent to which Apraku’s demise has exposed a lack of truth in Rev. Obofuor’s prophecies.

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