It’s all fun and joy till your baby starts staying up all day and you begin wondering what they will do.

What do you do indoors to keep your baby’s mood up and stop them from crying all day long? Well, you can try this;


Don’t stay indoors with those sweatpants everyday.

I get it, you have daily washing and cleaning to do because of your baby. Get some sunshine and fresh air, trust me, your baby will have her eyes shut and enjoy some fresh air nap.

Try reading and singing to her.


Coco melon has made it easy, just tune in and sing along. Babies love that stuff, you never knew your baby could concentrate on something for a while? Try some coco melon and YouTube and sing along with your kid if you can. You can try learning the songs so you can sing to them alone too. Babies don’t judge if your voice sounds bad.

Babies love water.

If they are six to nine months old, get them a bowl of water to play in, the water should be at waist or stomach level to prevent any hazards. Let the baby splash splash splash. You keep the baby clean and happy at the same time.


Encourage crawling if she’s about seven months.

Use her toys to get her to crawl. At this stage, she experiences physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. This is when she shows effort to move to things that are brightly coloured. Toys will help her learn more. You can use them to play “your turn, my turn” games so the baby repeats your actions. Also, try moving the toy to a different position to get the child to move towards it.

Try home workouts with your baby.

When she starts to move from tummy time, you can start here with push ups to strengthen her upper body for crawling. Workout in front of her, she will try to copy your movements and you will surely have some fun laughing at her failed move and applauding her efforts. It’s a win-win for you both, you keep fit and she grows strong and healthy.


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