He broke my heart, I ended up shouting his name by the roadside

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Joyce Kumah has been in four relationships and admits that her emotions led her to these love journeys. Her first relationship hit the rocks and the pain was excruciating to the point that she “had to end up shouting his name by the roadside.”

Joyce, before meeting the first lover sold fruits by the roadside. It was indeed where their affair began and the thought of the breakup nearly drove her crazy, to say the least.


“Anytime I remembered him, I had to leave my table and stand just by the roadside and start shouting his name and cry because I couldn’t take it,” he says with a sorrowful tone. “It was very painful.”

The recovery process was equally unbearable as Joyce says she engaged in a number of activities in her utmost quest to defeat the trauma the breakup came with.

She recounts on the Exes Show: “I had a base at Abeka Junction. I went there, stayed there throughout the night just to forget about him. I got myself busy.”


It was a near-perfect relationship until the gentleman begun “hiding stuff”. That posture, caused Joyce to suspect “he was going out with someone”.

She told host Ato Kwamena Aikins that the boyfriend “was always clearing his call log and messages”, leaving no room for traces.

“I heard something so I wanted to find out. I took his phone and wanted to check the contacts. He just took the phone away from me and started deleting his messages. So, I asked him what he was doing and he was like ‘nothing’. Later, I noticed he had deleted the messages,” she says, stressing that “He took the phone from me when I was about to open the messages.”


Joyce however takes a part of the blame for the failed relationship. According to her, she became livid following the deletion of the messages. And although the boyfriend later opened up to her about the messages, the fact that he continuously hid things away from her made it impossible for her to let go.

“It got to a time he was annoying. I didn’t want to see him. Later, I realised I was doing something bad so I had to go back to him. I was giving him attitude and it wasn’t cool. I didn’t know what happened; I just started hating him because of the messages he deleted. He told me a lady asked him out and that is why he deleted it,” Joyce says.

She adds: “I realised he started going out with friends. He also started giving me attitude. He wasn’t that type.”

For the sake of the love they shared, they resolved the issue but it appeared the centre could not hold any longer.

Joyce mentions that the boyfriend later complained that “my friends are all males and that’s because I sell fruits. Initially, he told me he was cool with it so when he started complaining, I realised he was fed up.”