Rumours making rounds on social media have it that Frederick Amanor, the policeman who assaulted a woman at the Midland Savings and Loans Limited has committed suicide.

The Police administration has however denied such reports and stated that Frederick is currently in their custody.


A fake news website Firstnews360 first published the false story which went viral on Facebook.

Read the fake report from Firstnews360 below:

Grief has yet again engulfed the nation as the officer known as Frederick Amanor committed suicide over the recent case of beating up and woman at the midland savings and loans bank .


Frederick Amanor who was the officer on duty at the midland savings and loans on the 20th of july couldnt control his anger and ended up beating a customer of the bank because the bank asked him to sack the woman and the woman wouldnt leave until she had her money .

Friday, family members were still struggling to come to terms with the loss even as they painfully narrated how the insults and trolling on social media haunted the officer who was also grappling with sickness.

The officer was alone in the house when he committed the act with his girlfriend saying that she had been away from the house for about two weeks after she went to visit her parents in Tema.


Interviews with his kin established that the officer had been battling depression even as they said that his decision to take his life had left the family broken. Abena Amponsah , the girlfriend to the deceased told The Standard that her husband had been depressed because of the recent assault at the midland savings and loans and had been also reluctant to go back to work after the shameful act .


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