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Relationships in our part of the world are built on money. Men’s role in relationships has been clearly defined as the ‘Giver’ or ‘Blesser’ as South Africans would say. Women are always at the receiving end, and today, most men are trying to respect women by making them self-reliant.

When women want to ask for money, they usually give reasons different from what the money is intended to be used for. When you are smarter enough to know that a bill is coming your way, you will be able to find somewhere to hide your head.


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Let me take you through some of the signs ladies show when they want to ask for money in a relationship.


When you hear Hmmmm…., keep your mouth shut. Don’t ask why she’s saying hmmm. Hmmm means ‘there’s a problem’, a fabricated problem of course. If you bother yourself to find out the reason behind this hmmm, you will be placed in a position that you will have nothing to do but to pay.

When you are called by name

Don’t respond when you are suddenly called by your name. People call for the attention of someone by calling their name. When a lady suddenly calls you by your name in a very low tone, know that a bill is coming. This name-calling usually comes with a very calm facial expression.


Asking for favour

Can I ask for a favour? Man, it’s about money. Smarter ladies will throw a second question: Will you do it for me? A favour that you don’t know yet and she’s asking if you will do for her. Some will insist that you say YES before they throw the bill. Your response to this question show tally with the balance of your bank account.

By force Fighting

When she begins to fight you for no reason, know that a bill is hanging and won’t take long to be thrown to you. When she’s bringing any fight that has no reason, let her fight alone. The moment you try to calm her down or pamper her, the bill will just greet you and giving her the money is the only way to calm her now. So if you have no plans to give her money, let her fight her own fight.

By force caring

Unprecedented showing of love and caring. That day, you will receive so many calls for no apparent reason. This is to fake love and care in order to get the money once requested. Immediately you begin to witness this, start telling her how broke you are or even go ahead to ask her of money. Failure to do this will put you in a tight corner when the bill is thrown.


“I need a loan”

Luckily she can take a loan on MTN Qwikloan. Research on social media has shown that ladies do not repay loans taken from men. Asking for a loan from a guy is an indirect way of asking for money. They usually expect you to ignore the loan request and rather give it to them for free. If you don’t get the language and still go ahead to give them the loan, that’s all. Maybe she will find other means to pay, but not in cash.

How are you?

When you ask them how they are doing and they say “not good”, my brother, just tell her it shall be well. If you go ahead to ask her what the problem is, the amount that would be quoted may raise your body temperature. If they notice that you are not asking them how they are doing, they will force you to ask. Usually, they will chip it in while having a conversation. They will rather ask you how you are doing and they know for sure that you will ask them too. Be smarter and don’t ask them when they do. Just say “I’m fine” and bring in something else to talk about.


Mind your business when they become moody. They will be okay after sometime when you don’t mind them. If you bother yourself to engage her on the sudden change of mood, you are just putting yourself into trouble. You may have to empty your bank account to bring her mood back to normal.

Drawing on your chest

Whatever she uses you her hands to draw on your chest, clean it lol. This one of the well-known signs that she’s bringing a bill. While she draws, she engages you in a smooth conversation on how she needs money to do something important.

Support me to start a business

This is one of the biggest strategies that men are not able to say NO. Once a lady says she has some money and need your support to start a business, you will be compelled to support. While her intentions could be genuine, a survey has proven that most people who ask for such do not really have any business in mind. People who genuinely need such assistance have often started the business in question. Some even forget themselves that they’ve previously taken money to start a business and then return in months time with the same strategy.

If she asks for money to add to hers to start a business, first ask how much she’s having, and then ask her to show it to you. If you want to support, make sure you are actively involved until the business starts running.

Bonus Tips: “Formats”

There are many other “formats” that they can throw to take money from guys. Some are really serious that you can’t find anywhere to hide your head.

Some of these formats are:

My mum is sick.

I haven’t eaten for days now.

I deferring my course because of fees.

Some may forget themselves and even say their grandmother swallowed a cutlass … LMAO …

Share others with me in the comment box below and send to your friends to keep them alert.

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