Govt’s promises to better creative art industry mean nothing until I see it – Peter Sedufia

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Professional movie director and producer, Peter Sedufia, has declared that initiatives that have been proposed by the government to better the Ghanaian movie industry are only words until he sees practical approaches being made.

Speaking on the Y Entertainment Podium with Macall Mensah on Y97.9FM Takoradi, he agreed that the Ghanaian system of governance can be blamed for the inability of the movie industry or the creative art industry generally to reach its deserved heights.


Explaining this, he noted that systems are meant to work and although sometimes it is said that it may take time for ideas to be brought to life, the commitment of the people that are propelling these ideas or policies also counts.

“If the people behave like there’s no urgency or there’s no need to hasten, then, of course, the implementation will be tortoises. We can have all the best policies or bills written on paper but if they’re not operationalized or implemented to the practical sense, it is much ado about nothing”, he said.

Peter pointed that promises made by stakeholders and politicians or people in authority are simply words and will always mean nothing more to him until they start to give practical approaches to the solutions they are proposing.


“As a practitioner who understands the struggle we go through to get funding for our films, the struggle we go through to have our films distributed and the struggle we go through to even make our revenues back when the theories come without practical roadmaps, I just consider them as words of mouth”, the filmmaker further concluded.