During the weekend, some people were seen dancing to Stonebwoy’s ‘Kpo K?k?’ in a church.

Although many people have criticised the church members, Stonebwoy replied critics saying there was nothing wrong with the people dancing to secular songs in church, saying the body is rather the temple of God and not the building.


Gospel musician, Rev. Emmanuel Kyei Boate known in showbiz as Quesi Boate, has called out Stonebwoy on his comment saying when Paul the apostle of Christ said the body is the temple of God, he did not mean the body is a church.

He explained, God dwells in those who have accepted the lordship of Jesus Christ and it is only when those people come together that they become a Church.

When thieves decide to go into a church building and say a word of prayer and have a meeting, that does not make that gathering a church service, he asserted.


“If you want to theologize I beg please learn your theology well. The church is not an individual. Whoever told you that lied to you,” stated Rev. Kyei Boate, who is also a preacher at the Bolgatanga branch of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC).

He added the called out people live like Jesus did, “we demonstrate priestly tendencies and operate as priests giving reverence to God” and hence cannot dance to a song like ‘Kpo K?k?’ which gives no glory to the Almighty.

The gospel singer also said people who are temples of God, are tasked to honour God with their bodies.


He called out to other religious leaders to join hands and define things right in society.

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Ok so I heard Stonebwoy saying that the church is the individual and so people should stop criticizing they secular artistes for their songs and also stop criticizing the churches for playing their songs in church.

Masa masa if you want to theologize I beg please learn your theology well. The church is not an individual. Whoever told you that lied to you. When Paul said do you not know that your bodies are the temples of God he didn’t mean a Church. The church or what we call a Church is a people built by Jesus himself and it’s not an individual.

The church is a people called out. The church is a group of believing Christians. Those who have been set apart. The physical structures you see doesn’t make the places of worship a church. When unbelievers meet in a building and they offer a word of prayer before they start their discussions it doesn’t make them a church. If a group of thieves decide to go into say the #PIWCBolga Open Heavens auditorium and have a meeting it doesn’t make it a church service.

So you see, there are many structures with the inscription Church of something something however that doesn’t make God present there. God doesn’t dwell in structures anymore He dwells in those who have accepted the lordship of his son Jesus Christ and when those people come together they become a Church which is Gods people. You can’t sit in your house follow after secularism, do what you like and say you are a Church. My guy you’re deceiving yourself.

As a called out people who are the Church of God, we are called as priests and Kings. Wherever we step we must demonstrate priestly tendencies and operate as priests giving reverence to God. Priests who are called out cannot be sitting in church and dancing to Kpo k3k3 or whatever it is. That’s a joke!

The called out believers have an identity. We don’t live like the world does. We live like Jesus lived. Let’s not mince words about this at all. We as called out people or the Church are gap standers. Once you believe in Jesus you are a priest.

I mean going by Stonebwoy’s assertion, how can people who are temples of God who have been tasked to honor God with their bodies be the ones dancing to music that brings no glory to God? Is this ok?

It’s time we define things right in this nation and thankfully that’s what we are doing: Possessing the Nations with kingdom values and principles. Believers should not sit for the world to define our status for us.

I want to hear from Stonebwoy again… Hear me, playing secular music which brings NO Glory to God in the assembly of the called out be it at a wedding reception, funeral, church auditorium, trotro, taxi, bedroom etc is a JOKE OF Christianity. You’re a Christian business woman or man who sets up a media station and you use it to celebrate unnecessary things, what kind of called out person are you? Anyway!

My name is #SofoQB and hey know that once you have accepted Jesus you’re also an Osofo…

Let’s step out there and be real priests of God not the ones who want to dance to kpo k3k3 and taking over and all the like…


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