Daniel Obinim and Rev. Obofour
Daniel Obinim and Rev. Obofour

Christians are reminded in Acts 20:35 that it is more blessing to give than to receive. There’s no doubt that one feels fulfilled after lending a helping hand and this fulfillment comes with its blessings even if the giver doesn’t receive anything tangible.

There have been several testimonies from philanthropists and individuals who always undertake charity works to confirm what the Bible says.


Charity cuts across all religions and even atheists believe that it’s humane.

Notable rich men see charity as a major source of their joy and motivates them to work harder to do more thereby improving the lives of others.

Monies or any other form of assistance offered by GIVERS should be towards a worthy cause. For example, it makes no sense to finance a terror group or make donations to a RECEIVER who only wants to amass riches for himself and flaunt them on social media. That isn’t a worthy cause to support.


Ghana’s two angels, Angel Obinim and Rev. Obofour are on a rivalry display of wealth. Recently, these prophets released videos on which each was displaying expensive cars in their respective mansions. This is the level the Christianity Jesus Christ bequeathed to the world has sadly gotten to.

After viewing, I went on to look for videos of their respective church services just to see the state of their GIVERS. To my surprise, one could easily tell that members of their churches are either living in extreme poverty or coming to the church with the aim of receiving lotto numbers to turn their lives around. Though I don’t expect them to be living affluently, one could easily see hunger written all over their faces.

These self-styled prophets boast of great congregations and the little donations from them amount to something huge.


For years now, the members of these Congregations as seen on TV appear to be same. A congregation of over 2000 members and yet cannot boast of 10 cars but the leader has fleet of cars worth over a million dollars. Who is receiving the blessings here? The giver or the receiver?

Daniel Obinim claims to be giving out lotto numbers but would rather extort funds from his followers instead of him staking to win big.

Some are of the view that members of these churches are charmed. NO. They are not! Why we are those of us against their doctrines not charmed too?

The display of wealth by these leaders are just mockery of their followers. While showing of his new Rolls Royce, Rev. Obofour said “God bless you my church members”. What? This is an insult and I don’t expect to see any well-reasoning person at the church in his next service.

Unlike other religions, Christians today live on hope. It’s always about expectations that never come to reality. This is not to say our God is a liar but our leaders lead us to their own gods who are incapable.

The world’s most populous religion, Christianity, is fast losing its historic moral credence and spiritual cogency. The religion is succumbing to the devious influence of ultra-greedy self-acclaimed servants of God.

The government and our politicians who could intervene for illiterates and the ignorant today have rather given these pastors various political party and government positions and they themselves are victims of the trickery of these false prophets.

Religion has affected the growth of our country negatively. Illicit capital accumulation and self-enrichment have, suddenly and evidently, become synonymous with Christian priesthood and religious leadership. Sadly, these “men of God” have corrupted the soul of Christianity by turning it into a money-making enterprise and this has not only produced corrupt leaders but also hypocrite citizens.

Can the government regulate these church businesses and unfailingly make their leaders account for the monies they make as churches are considered non-for-profit organizations? And why are they paying taxes only based on the meager salaries they declare?

In Ghana today, a prophet becomes happy when a powerful or influential person in society dies simply because as a prophet, he foretold the incident. Some Citizens also fall for this and shower praises on these criminals in cassock.

Beware of these false prophets taking advantage of the fact that many people are not well educated in fundamental biblical truths.

By: Akesse Sanza

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Asembi.com


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