Coupons Technologies, a 100% Ghanaian IT startup based in Tema, has announced the launch of Ghana’s first e-coupons platform, COUPONS.COM.GH. The website, as its name implies, features carefully curated deals and promotional offers from leading brands across the country. The concept is simple: Save money on retail, travel, food and groceries, entertainment, clothing and more using free discount coupons downloaded from the platform.

Christian Dziwornu, CEO of Coupons Technologies was elated when discussing the prospects of the platform in the Ghanaian shopping and leisure space. “Worldwide, both budding and established brands have taken advantage of coupons, discounts and promotions to create brand awareness, acquire new clients, reward customer loyalty and clear out old stock. We are excited about the possibilities this new platform creates for businesses across the country. Business owners can now get real time feedback from previous customers through the ratings and comments feature, and we hope that customer service to clients will be greatly improved nationwide as a result. Business owners should embrace this free platform as a means to give more visibility to their businesses as well as boost sales especially in this festive season.”


To register your business, you have to log on to COUPONS.COM.GH and sign up as a business owner. Registration is free. After sign up, a free listing for your business can be created in less than 5 minutes. The listing will have details of your business, pictures, contacts, social media pages, open hours, directions, etc. Once a place has been listed, this page belongs to the business owner and they can edit, promote and share when necessary.

Running a promotional campaign on the platform is easy. After filling in details of your promotion a free e-coupon is created which users can download to their smartphones or print.

Users who wish to enjoy discounts at their favorite restaurants and bars, shops, gyms, spas and other entertainment spots in their city can browse through several categories of e-coupons available, download them and submit them at the place when making purchases.


To sign up your business, kindly visit or call 054 298 9431, 020 358 1800 for assistance.


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