9 Ghanaians With The Most Difficult Jobs That You Wouldn’t Want To Be In Their Shoes

There are certain kind of jobs that everyone runs for but once hired, you are put in a tight corner and directed to know things in a particular way even if they go contrary to your personal principles, or if you don’t share same beliefs. Some Ghanaians occupy such positions in Ghana and you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes despite all the monies they are making.

Let us take a look at 9 of them.

Kwaku Annan, Net2tv

Kwaku Annan

The host of Net2 Television’s controversial show, “The Seat”, Kwaku Annan, is one of the gentlemen in Ghana with the most difficult job. Anytime his Chief Executive Officer and owner of the TV, honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, is on the show, he faces difficulties in correcting the maverick legislator on the show anytime he does something wrong.

Kennedy Agyapong is seen insulting Kwaku Annan and his producers on live television, using abusive words such as “useless” on them, and the amazing thing is that he has to admit to the insults and apologise to Kennedy Agyapong. When it comes to Kwaku Annan’s line of questioning to Kennedy Agyapong, it is a clear case of bootlicking, and he asks questions to favour the legislator only.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah
Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

Honourable Kojo Oppong Nkrumah before assuming the office of the minister of Information was arguably one of the most trusted and astute journalists in the country. As a result of his trustworthiness and his neutrality in the Ghanaian political scene, he was made to host the last presidential debate in 2016, alongside the current vice-presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman.

However, things seem not to be going on smoothly with the operations of Kojo Oppong Nkrumah as the minister for information. As an employee of the president and the current government, Kojo is forced to cover the ‘dirty’ deeds of the government and sing the praises of the president all the time even when he must be lambasted for certain bad decisions.

A good example is the recent attempt of Kojo Oppong Nkrumah to defend Nana Addo’s decision of lifting the partial lockdown when the number of Covid-19 were hitting the roofs. Another scenario was Kojo defending the president’s comments concerning Mahama’s green book. It was clear Kojo was saying things he didn’t even believe in.

Sammy Gyamfi

Sammy Gyamfi
Sammy Gyamfi

Head of communications for the biggest opposition political party in the country, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, is one of the people with the most difficult jobs in the country. As the head of communications for the NDC, he must find positive explanations to all the ‘dirty’ deeds of persons from his party.

Sammy Gyamfi must be sniffing around always for faults in the ruling governments, misinterpreting government decisions to sabotage them and create the impression that, the ruling NPP government is a failure. This challenging task handed to Sammy Gyamfi and what he must do to keep his office make people wonder if indeed he is a trained lawyer. This is because, sometimes, his words and actions don’t add up, but he must dent his own image for the benefit of his party. This is a difficult task to execute.

Menzgold PRO

Being the Public Relations Office (PRO) for Menzgold, a defunct gold dealer and collectible company that has the funds and investments of thousands of Ghanaians locked up is clearly not an easy task.

This is because you are tasked with explaining to hundreds of bloodthirsty Ghanaians who are waiting for their funds why they can’t have it. And this is the situation of Nii Amarh Amarteifio, the PRO of Menzgold. Aside from explaining to angry clients and customers why they can’t get their locked-up funds, he also has the arduous task of painting a good image of his boss.

The PRO has consistently issued statements that give customers a clear date for their payments. Every new release sees a new date and he has to find whatever reasons possible to convince customers. No wonder George Quaye occupied that position for a few days.


Bulldog has a pretty difficult job as a the manager of controversial and trouble causing artiste Shatta Wale. He is tasked with the job of finding good explanations for some irresponsible behaviours of Shatta Wale, like he picking up fights and unnecessary beefs with other colleagues of his in the music industry.

This automatically attracts a lot of enemies to his side from the camps of the musicians Shatta Wale fights. Bulldog could be a big fan of Stonebwoy but he will be forced to whatever his boss Shatta Wale directs him to even if it will hurt Stonebwoy, someone he admires.

Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

Ghana’s Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu also has one of the difficult jobs in Ghana, that is to prosecute public officials for wrongdoing, but the question is, who hunts down the hand from which they eat? Certainly not Martin Amidu. The ruthless corruption hunter has now turned into a toothless lion who can barely roar now.

His office has been petitioned countless times to investigate and prosecute certain personnel in the NPP but has done nothing about it. ASEPA presented to his office a case against the ECs and some Judges known to be NPP members for failing to declare their assets before assuming office as the constitution of Ghana says, but Martin Amidu has done close to nothing on these cases.

Can Martin Amidu prosecute NPP government officials? Certainly a very challenging job he has.

Electoral Commissioner

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa

The Electoral Commissioner Jane Mensah is not having it easy at all executing her job. She is taking some major steps as the EC which are being spoken against by many Ghanaians, an example to the compilation of the new voter’s registry and the invalidation of certain primary identification documents as items needed for registering for the new voter’s card amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

Although most Ghanaians are against her moves, she must keep going probably to be in the good books of her employer. If you have noticed, the EC is always on the same page with the government. This is not just with Jane Mensa and the NPP, but same with all the past ones.

Judges appointed by Presidents

When a President appoints a judge, and the judge sits on the President’s case, that would certainly be a very challenging job for the Judge. I wouldn’t want to be in such a position. Let me keep this short as I don’t know how much the laws of Ghana permit me to say about the judiciary. lol.

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor

Journalist Kevin Taylor also has one of the most difficult jobs as an anti-corruption fighter. He has won the hearts of the opposition NDC and it has become difficult for him to criticise the NDC when something comes up. Even with the Airbus scandal, he still found his way around it. His job will be very challenging should the NDC come to power. Will he be able to expose them or continue to attack the NPP in opposition?

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