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Ghanaians react as Bawumia explains the reason behind the cedi’s depreciation

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On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, the vice president, Dr. Mahanudu Bawumia, presented a lecture, during which, among other things, he explained the reason behind the recent depreciation of the cedi.

A portion of his presentation was as follows: “Ladies and Gentlemen, you will recall that I stated in 2014 that if the fundamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you.


That was true then and will always be true. It is 100% correct. But it is warped logic to jump from that to a conclusion that if there is a depreciation of your exchange rate then the fundamentals must be weak. That defies logic. There could be other external factors causing the exchange rate depreciation.


” This, however, did not go down well with some Ghanaians, who took to social media to express their opinions: Dagoro wrote that Bawumia’s head shines the same way his lies shine.

Koranteng warned Ghanaians to watch the position of the sun before they respond to Bawumia’s greetings.

Noagbesenu wondered where Bawmunia’s congregation would be heading if he was a pastor

Dziwornu concluded that Bawumia is confused

General was convinced there are somethings only Bawumia can do

Agbemavah called on Bawumia to stop leading Ghanaians to hell


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