Ghanaians know my level of education is low – Akrobeto

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Actor Akrobeto has noted that although his level of education is low, Ghanaians are in love with his news.

Akrobeto has been cracking ribs with his Real News programme on UTV. The way he pronounces the English words and the comical slant he puts on the news has made the programme very popular.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz on his life and how far God has brought him, he mentioned that the feedback from Ghanaians is well appreciated.

He noted that his show “Real News” crosses boundaries and puts smiles on the faces of Ghanaians and he is appreciative of this fact.

On whether he will make his children venture into the movie industry, Akrobeto mentioned that they have not shown interest but if they do, he will willingly allow them because he has made fortunes out of movies.

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