Evangelist Addai is a self-acclaimed evangelist who is based in the United Kingdom. He is well noted for accusing pastors and other personalities of belonging to occult groups through his social media handles.

Here is a list of people who have been accused of belonging to secret societies by the Evangelist.


Bishop Dag Heward Mills: Evangelist Addai accused the presiding Bishop of the lighthouse chapel International of being a member of the “Freemason” society. To buttress his claims, Evangelist Addai said the pyramid symbol erected on the top of the lighthouse chapel is one of the symbols of the Illuminati group.

Archbishop Duncan Williams: The founder and leader of the Action Chapel International was also accused of being an occultist by Evangelist Addai. To prove his allegations, the evangelist said the numerous rings Duncan William wears are symbols of the occultic group.

Apostle John Prah: Evangelist Addai accused the apostle of belonging to the secret society, Illuminati group. He again alleged that the apostle cum actor killed his mother for money in the Illuminati society.


Samira Bawumia: The wife of the vice president, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is a member of a popular group, the Illuminati, according to the evangelist. He claims there is this special and particular ring that Samira Bawumia uses, and it’s an occult ring. He also alleged that the crew of kumkum Bhagya are also members of the same cult, the reason why Samira held a meeting with them when she visited India.

Nana Addo, John Mahama, Sakordie, Ebony, Bishop Nyarko Bernard: Evangelist Addai alleged that these personalities are also members of a popular occult group, the Illuminati, and are well noted for using certain symbolic items and mystical signs belonging to the cult.

Despite: Dr. Kwame Osei Despite was accused by Evangelist Addai for using blood donated at his blood donation exercise for ritual purposes. Despite organizes a blood donation exercise in collaboration with the Ghana Blood Service for people to donate blood for the blood banks.


Shatta Wale: According to the evangelist, Shatta wale was spotted wearing “three” occult rings when he came to perform at a show in Massachusetts. He also accused Wale of using certain symbolic items that prove he is indeed an occultist.

(Patapaa, Daddy Lumba, Wayoosi, Nana Kwarteng Opoku (Ebony’s father)): He claims these personalities killed their daughters for money rituals.

Nana Ama McBrown: Evangelist Addai accused the actress, comedian and TV presenter of having plans to kill her own baby Maxin Mawushie Mensah. The evangelist cautioned her not to follow suit because her daughter has a bright future.

Abeiku Santana: The presenter was accused of being an occultist and involved in satanism. Evangelist Addai alleged that Abeiku caused the demise of his daughter and bodyguard for ritual sacrifice. He again stated that Abeiku’s name Santana emanates from the word Santa Claus which the Claus was removed, remaining Santa which means satan.

Asamoah Gyan: According to the evangelist, Asaoamah Gyan is an occultist who wanted to use her wife for rituals and nothing else. The evangelist accused Gyan of hiding under the pretence of divorcing his wife, Gifty Gyan so that when she dies people will say she died out of depression. This accusation from Evangelist Addai comes after Gyan called for divorce and requested a DNA test to be done on his children to verify their paternity.

Kofi Adomah: The presenter was accused by the evangelist who said Kofi’s resignation from Adom Tv was not real but based on Illuminati influence. The evangelist said that Kofi Adomah’s resignation was flat shielded him from being discovered by some people who wanted to attack him over a case that involves Kofi. Also, Kofi Adomah’s TV YouTube channel was to be used by the occult to mislead Ghanaians.

Anokye Supremo “Lumba Junior”: He was accused by Evangelist Addai. The latter stated that Anokye Supremo worsened the condition of his illness as a result of him being used by the Illuminati for rituals. Evangelist Addai was of the assertion that Anokye was being deceived by the Illuminati to join them and make him rich in just 3 days but has turned sorrow for him as he was being used as a scapegoat and that is the cause of his illness. Rest in Peace to Anokye Supremo who died of Brain Tumour in India.


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