Stonebwoy, Black Cedi

Most Ghanaian celebrities who can afford, own guns for personal protection. The like of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have openly made it known that they possess guns.

In this article, we take a look at two Ghanaian musicians who landed into trouble for pulling out guns.



The case of Stonebwoy is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians. In 2019 during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the dancehall musician pulled out a gun after Shatta Wale and his entourage walked to join him on stage. Stonebwoy was already on stage receiving the award and it is still not clear why Shatta Wale decided to join him on stage.

Stonebwoy pulled out a pistol in the process and this brought the event to a standstill. The two were later arrested, caged in police cells and appeared before the courts. The case is still in court and the two have since been banned from the Vodafone Music Awards by the organisers, Charter House.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt. The case has been adjourned by the court many times.


The two, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, were the two biggest music rivals in Ghana. After the incident, the two put their differences aside to make peace. Music lovers have doubted the union between the two but both musicians have been heard on several platforms saying that their friendship is real and not for the cameras.

A section of Ghanaians still doubt their union for various reasons. A proposed peace concert for the two was cancelled. The fanbases of the two musicians keep attacking each other, and anticipated music collaboration between the two seems not to happen.



Another Ghanaian musician who pulled out gun is Geeman. Geeman’s case was very serious, unlike that of Stonebwoy. It made headlines for months and even years afterwards.


Geeman was also known as Ghana Michael Jackson because of his exceptional dancing skills, which brought him into the limelight, but his fame was short-lived after he pulled a gun to kill a taxi driver.

Geeman was a Ghanaian dance champion somewhere in the 70s, with a style that caught Michael Jackson’s attention on the world stage. Geeman won the best dancer in the world later and toured the world with his MJ dance and music style. Geeman still remains one of Ghana’s best music exports and one of the greatest musicians Ghanaian music industry has ever witnessed. His greatest hit is This is Highlife. The song still enjoys airplay after decades of release.

Geeman decided to get into film production with the help of his friend, Jagger Pee, who was a popular actor at the time.

Jagger Pee was also one of Ghana’s booming actors with many films to his credit at that time.

One day, Jagapee visited his friend Gemann Geeman, who was expecting a visitor, Nadia, a friend aspiring to become an actress.

Nadia arrived in a taxi and told Geeman that the price charged was 3,000 cedis, 30 pesewas today, but the driver disagreed and argued that the agreed price was rather 4000 and not 3000 Cedis.

Geeman insisted that he pay 3000 and threw the money into the taxi. The driver took off and returned a few minutes later, but this time to pick the sand of Geeman’s footprints for “juju”.

Aggravated by the driver’s act, Geeman went to his room for his pistol while his friend Jagger Pee held the driver to restrain him from leaving. Geeman returned with the pistol and walked over to the driver.

Geeman fired warning shots and also fired directly at the driver, instantly killing him.

The four, Jagger Pee, Vic, Nadia and Geeman were arrested. Nadia and Vic were cleared and released after years in court.

But, Jagger Pee was sentenced to life in prison for complicity in the crime and the main culprit, Geeman was sentenced to death.

They filed an appeal, which saw Jagapee’s sentence lessened to two years in retrospect, but Geeman’s judgment was maintained.

Fortune struck Geeman in 2009 when he became a beneficiary of President Kufour’s amnesty granted to certain Ghanaian inmates before the end of his mandate.

After his release, Geeman revealed in an interview that the family of the deceased taxi driver had asked the court to release him.


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