Shatta Wale has been fighting Ghana’s system of entertainment. He has been saying that most of our celebrities are living fake lives and that they aren’t made of money like we’re made to believe. He has been pushing for better conditions of service which will make Ghanaian musicians earn as much as musicians in Nigeria.

Some believe that he has a valid point but that he’s using a wrong approach. Some also believe that he is sending a message across and irrespective of his intonation or mode of delivery, his claims must be looked into.

The question is, how many people will leave their jobs, especially if it is assumed that the job is a well-paying one? Or, better still, what factors will one consider before leaving his/her well-paying job? It is worthy to note that some Ghanaian celebrities have abandoned the Show business for a more “normal work”.

That in itself is not bad, but the multimillion-dollar question is: Why did these celebrities abandon their jobs in the show business? Is it because of low remuneration? Why did they lose interest in pursuing their career as entertainers? Well, that’s a topic for another day but in the meantime; let us take a look at some of these celebrities who have abandoned the Show business for regular job:

Nhyiraba Kojo

He shot to fame in 2014 following his song, ‘Turn Around’ which featured Dr. Cryme. However, despite a promising beginning, Nhyiraba’s music career seems to have taken a nosedive, probably due to the fact that he realized that he stands better chances of making it as an entrepreneur.

Recently, he showed off his lavish mansion, reportedly said to be a ten-bedroom house. As an entrepreneur, he owns a nightclub, NKC Shisha Office, formerly known as Pool Bar, located in Spintex-Accra as well as a catering service provider. He said that he purchased the night club for $190,000.

He said in an interview with that he owns a pub, cold stores, a clothing line and other businesses. He seems to be doing far better that he could have done with showbiz.


He stopped singing because it wasn’t a lucrative venture. After he opted out of music, he began selling electrical parts as his source of livelihood. In May 2018, he launched a new electrical firm, Lucky Electrical Shop at Adenta and it was during the launch that he revealed that there isn’t much money in Ghanaian music.

In fact, these were his exact words, “The electrical company yields more money than music so he sees no reason in wasting time in rapping to entertain his fans without making enough money when he can use the same time to sell electrical materials and make a lot of income”.

He said that he was following the footsteps of his elder brother who at the time, was the President of the Ghana Trade Union and Ghana Electrical Association. At the time, he revealed that he had plans to establish a real estate business.

Hitherto, he was a household name in the early days of Hiplife and is known for hit songs such as; Mercy Lokko, Araba Lawson as well as Sumsum Korkor.

Worthy to note is the fact the C-Zar didn’t have a terrible music career. This is because he won awards and received several nominations.

But, what’s the use of stardom without money? C-Zar is doing far better as a businessman than he was as a musician.

Reggie Rockstone

The founder of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, appears to be doing music for fun now since he releases once in a blue moon, setting his sights on his entrepreneurial skills.

His brand of Waakye, Rockz Waakye, which is packaged in a jar caused controversy on social media with most social media users disagreeing with his method of packaging the waakye. He said that his waakye business boomed during the earlier stages of the coronavirus and that he was able to sell as many as 300 jars of waakye in a day, a feat he hadn’t achieved prior to the lockdown.

Defending why he packaged the waakye in jars, Reggie Rockstone explained that the waakye was made to be sold to hotels as well as to be exported and that it was not done with the consumption of the general public in mind.

He also owns a nightclub/pub in Osu Ave-Accra known as Rockstone’s Office/Grand Papazz/ Django bar, not forgetting his condom brand Rocdom.

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