It seems as if the odds increasingly get stuck against women. It is of no surprise that some women who have branded themselves as feminists have arisen.

In Ghana, females used to be marginalized. This marginalization was so profound to the extent that females were denied the right to education. Rather, they were turned into housekeeping entities. Their jobs were to take care of the house and the kids they birth.


It took quite some time, but at the long run, we found the light as a people and realized that females also deserve to be educated.

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation”.

“What a man can do, a woman can do and do better.”


The above quotes were used to justify the fact that women, like men, also deserve to receive the best of education. The marginalization of women cannot be restricted to Africa as even amongst European countries such as Greece, women were prevented from participating or even watching the Olympic Games. Indeed, women have gone through a lot, and they are still fighting to ensure that they get what’s due them.

But when a lady rises to the top, the rumour mongers begin to trumpet loud noises; Oh! They’ve sold their bodies to rich men. Of course, some people do that, but must we always assume that every influential woman rose to the top by sleeping around?

Such accusations of successful women sleeping around become more annoying because of a lack of basis. Is it negativity or a needless sense of pride where some people feel that women are supposed to be in the market and make kids and so do not have what it takes to become successful?


They are even some tribes in Ghana where women are barely respected. In these tribes, women are treated as second class human beings. These acts are wrong and must be discouraged. The truth is that irrespective of the situation, there are still some hardworking women who have risen through the ranks as a result of their sheer hard work, commitment, zeal, enthusiasm and brilliance.

Such women must be celebrated so here, we take a look at some female celebrities who have used their star power to launch businesses to prove that YES, women are responsible, hardworking, who think of establishing businesses to shoot down rumours that they finance their luxurious lifestyle by sleeping around.

Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui is one of the most decorated celebrities in terms of the businesses she has acquired for herself. Clearly, she has shown that she isn’t going to relax because she is the wife of Medikal. In fact, she was a successful entrepreneur with several businesses before meeting Medikal.

Fella Makafui is the first name that comes to mind when discussions of females who own businesses come up.

She owns a wine shop, a clothing line with the brand name Fella Makafui, a beauty line known as Beauty by Fella Makafui, a delivery service known as FM Deliveries and a real estate business known as Richhills Properties Company Ltd.

Tracey Boakye

The popular actress is also amongst some few celebrities who have taken an entrepreneurial path. The businesses she has launched include; Short Code by Tracy Boakye, which is a lounge bar and grill, Shakira Movie Production, Tracey Boakyes Signature Salon and Sharp Deliveries.

Vivian Jill

Vivian Jill is also amongst the celebrities who have successfully launched their own business. She has a very plush restaurant known as Jills Aroma. The restaurant also runs a delivery service.

Ellen White

The star actress has also been able to launch businesses of her own. She owns a White Movie Production, White cold store which is located in Kumasi, a real estate business.

Yvonne Nelson

The elegantly tall and ravishing Yvonne Nelson has also launched quite a number of businesses. She owns  YN Hairline, lace wigs and human hair collection, a fashion shop which has in stock, the latest designer wears from around the world known as YN’s Closet, as well as a movie production company known as YN Productions.


The silky-voiced Becca whose real name is Rebecca Akosua Acheampong recently ventured into the Real Estate Business.  She also owns Kora Spa, which is situated in Accra.


Delay is also one strong woman. She is business-minded and engages in several businesses, with few known to the public. She owns a boutique and food brands including Delay Sardine, Delay Mackerel, Delay Tomato paste and others.

Salma Mumin, Nana Ama McBrown, and many other female celebrities are using their star power to launch businesses.


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