Unlike women in the Western world, African women are pleasingly plump, curvy and have an appreciable size of derriere and corresponding boobs. An African woman is easily identified by these natural features.

These aforementioned features can be best described as ‘’general features’ of black women’. Naturally, an African woman is expected to look curvy (with big bottom). It doesn’t suggest all women with African descent are curvy with huge behinds. The differences in body features are based on genetic and environmental factors.


Back home in Ghana, women with ‘’enough body’’ are celebrated and given a lot of attention by their male counterpart. This extra attention given to women with big ‘’front and behind’’, has caused many women to look down upon themselves.

As a way diminishing the inferior feeling associated with not having a huge butt, many Ghanaian ladies have resorted to wearing butt pad, an alternative way to enlarge the butt, display the curves and make it more appealing.

Interestingly, Ghanaian female celebrities have joined the hip and butt craze and have taken it to a totally different level.


This write-up will focus on the top five (5) female celebrities who have purportedly joined the ‘’hip and butt pad’’ craze to enhance their shape.

The first on the list is Wendy Shay

Ruff Town records signee, Wendy Addo aka Wendy Shay, has suffered accusations of wearing hip and butt pad in recent times. Wendy Shay is known for ostentatiously displaying her curvy shape and protruding butt in pictures and videos.

Her current pictures, compared with the previous ones, gives people more reasons to believe she has enhanced her butt with a pad.


In an effort to prove to Ghanaians that she doesn’t wear hip and butt pad, Wendy Shay in a recent interview on Adom FM’s Ofiekwanso on June 6, partially took off her clothing to debunk claims that her coca-cola bottle-shaped figure was artificial. Below are pictures of Wendy Shay.

Serwaa Amihere

One celebrity who has countlessly being accused of wearing hip and butt pad is the ever beautiful Serwaa Amihere. Serwaa is a broadcast journalist and news presenter with EIB’s GhOne TV.

Late last year, Serwaa Amihere was mocked by social media users for using hip and butt pad after a video of her came out. In the said video, Serwaa danced to display her heavy butt and curvy figure. Trolls on social media accused her of either visiting Dr. Obengfo, a known body sculpturer or probably using a butt pad.

The accusations against Serwaa Amihere resurrected in May 2020, when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram. The picture she posted got a lot of reactions from her fans who accused her of enhancing her butt and curves.

Benedicta Gafah

Just like Serwaa Amihere, Benedicta Gafah has suffered a series of hip and butt accusations spanning from last year.

Benedicta Gafah is an actress and a film producer by profession. She is a very beautiful young woman known on our T.V screens.

In January last year, Benedicta Gafah displayed a picture in which she looked totally different from the previous ones on Instagram. This new picture, which saw her flaunting her huge behind and irresistible curves, caused serious debates on social media as many of her followers accused her of using hip pads to enhance her shape.

Surprisingly, she turned off the comment section to the post, creating an impression that she knew what she was about.

Earlier this year, Benedicta Gafah was once again accused of wearing a butt pad by numerous social media users. A picture which she posted on Instagram and was widely circulated got a lot of people talking. Social media users appeared worried because her recent pictures compared with the previous ones were completely parallel.

One could easily see traces of butt and hip pad in this current picture she posted in February. Watch pictures of Benedicta Gafah below.

Nana Aba Anamoah

Accusations against Nana Aba Anamoah using hip and butt pad started way back in 2012. In November 2012, during the 4syte Music Video Awards, KOD in a rather witty manner implied by his comments that Nana Aba Anamoah had enhanced her butt. KOD is quoted as saying ‘’has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, Nana Aba has started developing a ‘Joycelyn Dumas’ hips?

In 2018, old pictures of Nana Aba Anamoah were released on Instagram and matched with present ones. Social media ‘trollers’ took advantage of that and vehemently accused her of using butt pad. See her pictures below.

Fella Makafui

Medikal’s very own Fella Makafui cannot be taken out of the list of celebrities who have been accused of wearing butt pads.

Social media users, somewhere last year, attacked Fella of using hip/butt pads after she displayed pictures of herself and Medikal. See beautiful pictures of Fella.

The trolls by social media users appear not to bother the female celebrities as accused butt pad users keep surging.


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