Without a shadow of doubt, Ghana is indeed a blessed nation. Not only are there an abundance of natural resources, but there also exist an abundance of talented personalities.

In the show/entertainment business, Ghana has always blazed the trail. Artistes such as the ever-popular music group, OSIBISA, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have given our entertainment sector an exceptional level of global appeal.

However, attaining such a level of global appeal is no mean feat. It takes a lot of effort and deliberate attempts to nurture the inherent talent. For some, the daily sacrifice proves to be too much of a herculean task, and so, another path, deemed as the easiest way out is rather chosen.

“Hardwork beats talent if talent fails to work hard” – Unknown.

There are some Ghanaian entertainers who hit the limelight but failed to maintain a certain level of consistency but opted to go the relatively easier way of “living a more simple and peaceful life in another man’s land”. Some of these entertainers did try to stage a comeback, but you see, time and tide wait for no man. We don’t always have second chances, and so if an opportunity isn’t utilized correctly, it isn’t always assured that the opportunity will present itself again.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these celebrities who jumped ship from Ghana to other countries.



Her real name is Rose Akua Ataa Mensah. However, as a result of the impressive role she played in the Kumawood movie, “Kyeiwaa” the name “Kyeiwaa” has stuck. Gradually, her real name has been replaced with Kyeiwaa.

Not long after gaining prominence through that movie, Rose Mensah decided to ditch the pleasures of Kumawood for an adventure in the United States of America. Of course, movie enthusiasts began to miss her but considering the “short memories” of most Ghanaians, I’m sure that her absence has been fully adapted to.

It’s not being a bad adventure though, as she recently got married in the States to a certain Mr. Michael Kissi Asare.

It’s very unclear if she’ll return to Ghana to stage a “comeback”.


Between 2002-2006, Nkasei was a household name in Ghana. This followed the release of “Tuobodom”. Nkasei was made up of Naa K and Shy.

Shocking as it may be, Nkasei failed to match the high standards they set after the release of the album which contained ‘Tuobodom’, a song which made them win several awards and gained unmatched popularity.

After 2006 elapsed, the once-popular Nkasei vanished into thin air. Later on, it was discovered that they had moved to the United States of America.

In 2027, Naa K in a move to revamp his career returned to Ghana but this time, he returned as a Gospel musician. His comeback, however, has been largely unsuccessful.

It’s also rumoured that his other half, Shy is a soldier in the U.S army.



In the early 2000’s, Kontihene was a very popular figure in our music industry. Hit songs such as “Aketesia, Asesa, Madanfo pa b3k)” amongst a host of others earned him a spot as one of the top echelons.

But in 2008, Kontihene took that huge leap abroad, abandoning his career as a musician in the process.

He returned to Ghana in 2015 and released “D3d33d3” which featured Pappy Kojo and Yaa Pono. The song enjoyed some considerable amount of airplay, but till now, he hasn’t been able to find his feet as a musician.


Again, in the early 2000’s, FBS was one of the reigning music groups. Their hit song, “Oluman boogey” gained massive airplay across the country, and they performed in a lot of shows.

However, in 2005, the trio went silent. Information picked up indicated that they had decided to opt for the promise of a better life and as a result, travelled to the United States of America.

But in 2012, in an attempt to stage a comeback, two of them returned. They released “Pay as you go” which enjoyed some amount of airplay. However, they were unable to reach the earlier heights they attained.

After that single was released, the group went “underground” again, and till now, not much has been heard about them.


Cee and Isaac

Cynthia Appiah Kubi, popularly known as Cee rose to prominence during the maiden edition of TV3 Mentor which was held in 2006. After her participation in TV3’s Mentor, Cee together with Great Ampong and Isaac Showboy, joined forces to form a great trio and together, they released multiple hit songs.

However, she left the shores of Ghana, bringing to an end a remarkable period of dominance in the Ghanaian Gospel industry.

In 2017, in a bid to relaunch her career, she returned under a new name, Adepa Cee. However, she’s yet to achieve results similar to the high standards she set for herself before her journey abroad.

Notable mentions can also be made of T Blaze, the singer of the hit song, “Wu sisi y3 wu ya”, Asem, Buk Bak, Sonny Achiba, Stella Dugan, Madfish, Ex-doe and Ama Boahemaa. They all left the shores of Ghana to live a more peaceful life in another man’s land.

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