Initially, most Ghanaians subscribed to the three most famous religions in Ghana; Islam, Christianity and African Traditional religion, however, in recent times, a new crop of people who refer to themselves as Atheists are popping up.

Atheism is simply the disbelief of, or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. And you would be shocked to know which of your favourite Ghanaian celebrities are atheists.


Blakk Rasta

Famous Ghanaian radio presenter and reggae artist, Blakk Rasta, has made it publicly clear his disbelief in God. Although he was born a Muslim, Blakk Rasta says he does not believe in God any longer.

Wanluv Kubolor

Brother of the African mermaid, Sister Derby, Wanluv Kubolor, is a well-known atheist. He has, on countless occasions, mocked God and Jesus Christ as well as Prophet Mohammed on his social media pages. Wanluv Kubolor says he prefers to see the world scientifically.

Panji Anoff

Panji Anoff is a famous Ghanaian-based Indian music producer and manager of Wanluv Kubolor. The music producer is famous for publicly saying he doesn’t believe in God and he doesn’t require one.



The “Abi sixteen years old” singer, Mzbel is a famous atheist. In an interview with Stacy Amoateng, she made it publicly known that she doesn’t trust God. She explained that there is another story of an Egyptian god, Horus, which is similar to that of Jesus, so it makes no sense to pick one story over the other.

According to Mzbel, he sees the whole Jesus and God story as a folktale or an Anansesem created by the Whites to emphasize on White Supremacy.

Anita Asante

Famous Metro TV morning ride show host is a known atheist. The journalist who is a close friend of Mzbel has on countless occasions stated she has no time for God or Jesus, that is if they exist. The journalist feels, religion is a tool to control humans but holds no real meaning.



M3nsa is the team member of Wanluv Kubolor and his personal friend. He also has on several platforms confessed he does not believe any supreme being.

Avram Moshe

Avram Moshe, a supposed Christian pastor who has renounced God and Jesus, and is now an atheist and the leader of an apostate movement called Common Sense Family. The group prefer to use common sense than to believe in an unseen God.

Avram Moshe who just converted from being a Christian to being an Atheist called on his followers to throw away their Bibles as the book was written by the Whites to have dominion over other races. He has also been mocking Christians who pay tithe. According to him, the act of paying tithe is a modern-day fraud.


Former Afia Schwarzenegger television series star, Nana Tornado, is a known atheist. He does not hide this decision of his as he has already mentioned them in countless radio and television interviews.

To show he is an atheist, the actor recently posted a picture of a Qur’an and a Bible in a flush toilet on his Instagram page. This brought upon him the wrath of Ghanaians as they pronounced curses on him and called him all sort of names for his blasphemous act.

To make things worse, under the same post, Tornado replied all his attackers saying, “all Muslims and Christians and religious fanatics are stupid”.


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