In our music space, a proven theory of making that great hit is by employing Shatta Wale’s very own ‘Theory of Beefing’. It’s a trend that has come to stay. However, are all these beefs planned? Or even if the beefs are planned, does it get to a point where the plan is foiled, breeding enmity amongst the parties involved?

Some argue that beefs must continue because it is what makes entertainment very interesting. We can make reference to the Shatta Wale-Stonebwoy beef. It can be viewed as the greatest beef in the Ghanaian music industry, and since they cooked and peacefully ate their beef in a flat plate, fans of both artistes seem to miss those times when they used to attack and counter-attack each other on social media.


Here, we take a look at some of the celebrities who might have taken their beefs too far and as a result, are at loggerheads.

Efia Odo and Shatta Wale

‘Besties turn enemies’. Once upon a time, Shatta Wale enjoyed a special relationship with Efia Odo, but in the early months of 2020, Shatta Wale and Efia Odo unfollowed each other on social media. After that, Efia Odo dropped a bombshell where she accused Wale of being selfish, greedy and one who doesn’t mind destroying others if he’ll make financial gain out of it.

Efia Odo accused Shatta Wale of stealing a business partner she introduced him to which made her lose a lot of money. Though Shatta Wale tried to make amends, Efia Odo hasn’t been particularly receptive.


Mzbel and Diamond Appiah

Same old story, they were once good friends who lost the love they had for each other. It’s unclear what caused the feud between them. But following happenings, it is as though Diamond Appiah feels she’s now in a different class and so Mzbel doesn’t qualify to be her friend.

When MzBel said that she wouldn’t allow Diamond Appiah enter into her pub, Diamond scuffed and said that she travels to Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai and other exotic places and so will not even bother to set her foot into Mzbel’s lowly pub.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah


Diamond is gradually becoming the ‘loggerhead’ prefect. LOL! This one was ugly. They both accused each other of engaging in prostitution. Afia Schwar further accused Diamond of being a thief. Diamond returned the favour and described Afia Schwar as a thief, ashawo and a liar. It’s unclear what caused the quarrel between them.

Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale

Despite admitting that Pope Skinny hasn’t offended him during his maiden appearance on the United Showbiz show, things have not been the same between the duo. Prior to the above admission on UTV, Shatta Wale cited ingratitude on the part of Pope Skinny before his ousting from the Shatta Movement Family.

Other sources also say that Shatta Wale felt disrespected by a post Pope Skinny made on social media which reads, “Respect your girlfriend because we all want her and we are better than you. But she chose you.”  According to the reports, Shatta Wale had been confronted by Skinny on how he was treating his baby mama, Michy, and so the above post by Skinny worsened the situation.

After Shatta Wale sacked his Militants, Pope Skinny came biting again and composed a song for Shatta Wale which was titled Snitch. Wale’s response to the song was that “Never try to outshine your master. You will never win no matter how many years you see yourself thinking you winning lol”.

The relationship between the two isn’t good and there is no hope in sight of the two making amends soon.

Asem and Sarkodie

There has always been bad blood between these two celebrities. It ceased because Asem’s musical career took a nosedive. But their enmity was rekindled in the earlier parts of this year; Asem mocked Sarkodie for claiming during a BET Cypher that Irish cream is an ingredient.

Sarkodie recorded a diss song for Asem which he titled sub-zero. Sarkodie was of the view that Asem wanted to use the hostility he has with him to revive his dead career.

The bad blood between these two dates as far back as 2009 when there was a stake for who the best rapper was amongst them and Yaa Pono.  Asem has numerously downplayed Sarkodie’s claim of being the best rapper.

Other celebrities who are reported to be at loggerheads include; Eno Barony and Sista Afia, Sister Deborah and Fella Makafui, Yaa Pono and Asem, Kennedy Agyapong and Afia Shwar, Afia Schwar and Mzbel, Afia Schwar and Efia Odo, and the list goes on and on.


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