The cons of a long-distance relationship seem to outweigh its pros, and so a lot of people do not wish to have long-distance relationships. Even when your spouse is right there with you, there’s still a considerable amount of distrust, how much more when you are miles away from each other and can only visit each other during some specific days?

But hey, all of us do not play by the same rules and there are others who are proponents of long-distance relationships. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder and out of sight doesn’t imply out of mind, right? More so, some people are able to establish some level of trust to the extent that the distance which seems to separate them rather brings them closer. You get the drift? We’re different and what works for others may not work for us and vice versa.


More so, recent trends seem to predict that long-distance relationships will soon become the order of the day. This is as a result of the fact that unlike the past where women were only viewed as “housewives”, women are now viewed in a different sense and so differences in jobs could lead to a situation where accepting to engage in a long-distance relationship becomes the only feasible option.

Back in Ghana, there are some celebrities who have gone for the option of a long-distance relationship. Some weren’t planned that way but hey, change is the only constant in life right? Let’s take a look at some of them.

Captain Planet


He is married to Uche Ofodile. Captain Planet (real name; Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey) is a member of the now-defunct music group, 4×4 whiles his wife is a renowned Chief Executive Officer of Telecommunication giants, MTN Benin. They got married on June 20, 2014 in a lavish ceremony in Accra.

Uche lived in Ghana while working for Vodafone as its CEO. She went Liberia to head MTN. However, earlier this year, she was transferred to head MTN in Benin. Via a Twitter post, Captain Planet revealed that he’ll visit his wife in Benin every month.

Ameyaw Debrah


He got married to his longtime sweetheart and baby mama, Elsie at a private ceremony in Ghana. On how they met, Ameyaw said that Elsie had been looking for a celebrity to host an event that she had been organizing and so she was given his number by a mutual friend.

However, after the event, they kept in touch and finally met when Elsie came to Ghana from the United States. They eventually got married in 2018. Elsie returned back to the States and Ameyaw has been visiting.

Ellen Kyei White

Ellen Kyei White
Ellen Kyei White

The talented actress has been at the centre of a lot of controversies which pertains to playing a role in destroying the marriage of others. In an interview with Zionfelix on the ‘Celebrity ride with Zionfelix show’, she revealed her part of the story after she was accused of snatching Dr. Adu Boateng, the C.E.O of End Point Homeopathic Clinic and husband of Emelia Brobbey.

Ellen revealed that she had absolutely nothing to do with the breakup of marriage between Emelia and her husband. Ellen was of the view that some people were hired to tarnish her image and so resulted in using Emelia Brobbey’s marital problems as a means to an end.

Ellen also revealed that it wasn’t the first time she had been accused of breaking up the marriage of others. She revealed that she faced a similar problem in Paris when she went there to work on a new project. According to Ellen, a woman she didn’t know hired a blogger to tarnish her image in order to destroy the project she had travelled to Paris to embark on.

Ellen is amongst a rare list of celebrities who try as much as possible to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the media and the public and so most people do not even know that she is married.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on his flagship programme, “ATUU”, Ellen White revealed that she is married and has a son. However, her husband stays in Germany.

So well, if you think that long-distance relationships cannot work, you can take cues from the people enlisted above.


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