‘Ghana Music Industry beefs are not authentic’ – Kamelyeon talks about his EP, advice to SM militant

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Signed To 16th August, 85 Villa, a gifted Ghanaian musician popularly known in showbiz circles as Kamelyeon has affirmed that beef in the music industry is not authentic.

Born Michael Kwame Alowunuga has eulogized his record label and CEO Kofi Akoto, for his endless support on his craft after he unveiled his maiden EP dubbed “Rainbow”.


The former Shatta Movement soldier, after having several issues with record labels he got signed onto affirmed that during that earlier he was eager to witness greatness but it was nothing to write home about.

The man with different colours [Kamelyeon] continued that his comeback to the music industry has seen a massive improvement in his career since he got signed to 16th August 85 villa with his publicist Elorm Beenie aiding his career.

Record Label Challenges & Investment


Kamelyeon affirmed that it hasn’t been an easy road, but there has been a massive change for him, which the problem most young artists faced when they get signed to labels is that they expect too much from their labels.

He continued that when his newly found label was not in the picture, he faced a lot of challenges with other labels because wanted to see something different, which those labels couldn’t uphold with the tasks.

“Most artists major challenges in Ghana is investment because it’s really difficult to get funds to support your God-given talents,” he said.


Kamelyeon, was of the view that recent beef in the Ghanaian entertainment industry are not authentic. He asserted that he had his share when he beefed musicians in the industry.

He said: I’ve grown to understand that beef won’t help the industry, but rather together let’s push the industry to attain greater height.

Kamelyeon’s Maiden Extended Play [EP] “RAINBOW”

2020 witnessed Kamelyeon dropped his six-track EP christened “Rainbow”. The Reggae& Dancehall artists affirmed to Edward Blagogee of Blagogee.com that his EP is really doing great on all digital music platforms.

According to him, his extended play [Raindbow] is the greatest among any other EP released from 2020 to date. He added that, out of the six tracks on the EP with the aid of his label they’ve been able to release 4 music videos out of the six songs on the EP.

Mr. Pinto, Smile, Party, SM addict, et al are doing great on all digital platforms when Blagogee.com observed this music digital platforms.

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