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Ghana is in crisis – Duncan Williams declares 72 days fasting and prayers

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Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has declared a 72-days fasting and prayers for Ghana.

Beginning Monday October 1, 2018, church members are expected to pray for God’s intervention in the current difficulties and hardship Ghanaians are currently facing.

“A powerful prayer is needed for a nation which is in crisis”, he told his congregation on Sunday.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams explained that, fasting is a very powerful tool deployed by leaders of nations who believe in God and fear God in days and times of national crisis.

“Leaders who believe in God and recognize in times of national crisis that human capability and intelligence and logic and philosophy can do but so much and can go but so far….and recognize and call upon God’s intervention to overturn national crisis….I proclaim by the voice of the blood of Jesus this 72 hour fast from Monday…..of the month of October….let the fast be proclaimed and let heaven and earth bear witness and let heaven intervene in the affairs of this country and overturn the suffering and the hardship and difficulties and crisis we face as a nation and a people….” the renowned bishop opined.

“We pray Heavenly Father you will intervene in the financial conditions of your people….in this nation…that you will overturn the family crisis…crisis in the life of our business community….health crisis…let it be overturned….grant o Lord that we will end this year on a note of victory…celebrating your goodness…” he added.

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