Ghana in the eyes of God

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The clouds gathered as quickly as their heavily water impregnated bellies could carry them. The wind blew with tremendous acceleration. The trees swayed, moved in slow motion and the branches creaked like a rusty hinge. The birds clung to their nests, security is treasurable, for the days are evil. The snails crawled away to find comfort in their domicile, the bushes at least can offer more comfort than a stinking atmosphere negatively charged with with societal electrons called corruption.

The heavens are in pandemonium as they looked on with shame. The clouds could not exhaust the eyesore of evils that men can do. The things the eye beholds do not kill but panic will. The rains were prematurely delivered. They poured in torrents to clean the land.

A great voice roared with terror as the rains cleaned the land in vain. What is the agony for? Everything becomes silent except a treacherous hilarious voice from hell. “I thought you made them in your image?” it says. And God regretted creating man. He looked for someone among the people who would take the seal off the societal evil born of hell and as old as the serpent and He found one.

Alas, evil has befallen us. The land is soiled with greed. Voices of those who cannot speak echo from the far east, the dumpsite of men. He who does not work, does not eat, they said before. But now he who does work, does not eat is the order of the day. Men and women, toil day and night with hopes for a better tomorrow that never comes. After all they are the ‘labor force’.

The ‘big men’ sashay to mount the stage on national celebration days to address the labor force euphemistically referred to as the average Ghanaian. Dressed in the latest Dolce and Gabbana suit like a grasshopper, matched with Versace glasses they cannot see through. How well their pride with them. This is a good day the Lord has made for us to portray our grammatical grandiloquence, they think. They speak to discombobulate the nation. God, have mercy on Ghana.

It is told that on judgement day our sins will be shown to us on a screen. What is not known is that Anas will give the model on earth.

Ghana, a country not only beautiful but also dominated by beautiful people, is on the verge on destruction after a heavy pen robbery. Twitter sets ablaze with the tramadol abusing youths pouring their memes, weed manipulated brains throwing their comments. To them its just another fun time to trend. How childish. It is pitiful when the youths who are the future and supposed to be knowledgeable, intellectually fit and think innovatively are now under the tutelage of tramadol. Yet they deem themselves fit to criticize. Facebook cannot afford to lose, not when our ‘slay queens’ still have breadth. The ‘slay queens’ changed their names to Nyantekyiwaa to show solidarity.

It will be a mess when the affairs of the Ghanaian lady is compared to the rest of the world. Moesha Boudong knows why. While most Ghanaian ladies turned IG models selling their sexy cleavage and curvy hips, the nation cries for that strong, resilient quality of a woman to fill the vacuum of creativity, efficiency and innovativeness. An area men are failing to deliver in. Yet Facebook and IG photo filters made then clean enough to remove the peck in someone’s eyes.

Thousands of greedy, selfish, discontent individuals thronged the Accra International Conference Center to watch the much-anticipated video of a man about to be convicted in the court of public opinion. Policemen who receive 5GHC bribes on our roads daily provided heavy security. Prior to that, men who may be affected by the video made strenuous efforts to discredit it.

All sentiments are killed when familial appointees of a nepotic government forgot how badly they shrank their integrity to comment on issues of justice and honesty. They betrayed loyalty by criticizing their own comrade. Not all anyways, a man brain washed, decorated in wealth still stands to defend the evil.

People in power who betrayed the nation at their wits end by trading her sovereignty have now cleaned their soiled conscience at the fall of another. Because they could not be sacked earlier, they live to sack another.

On Sunday, the wisdom allergic congregation would be fed with topics on corruption by pastors renowned in selling anointing oils, anointing water and anointing stickers at exorbitant fees.

Opposition parties who could do no better than drag this country through the mud of poverty and high debts will score cheap political point by widely issuing their dissenting comments and promising a better future with them which they know would never come.

It is said that no one can destroy a whole nation unless we all are his accomplices. We have talked a lot and are always inactive in resolutions to amend. Corruption is an intractable challenge that has bedeviled our country. No one is healthy when honesty is made the order. Every one of us have played a descent role in nurturing this monster called corruption that has become a bane in our society thus the national level. The best way to fight the monster is to go back to the root causes of corruption. Sure, it is Kwesi Nyantekyi and GFA’s turn to face judgement, but if we do not examine our lives too to remedy the corruption deeply rooted in our DNA, none of us will escape judgment. Until then, no one is healthy to fight corruption to its core if we are obstinately devoted to our petty corruptive ways in our daily lives.

The fight against abject corruption begins with you.

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