Funny Face is now better than the day he was born – Kwaku Manu

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Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu has stated that his friend and colleague actor, Funny Face is now doing better than the first day he was born.

He made this statement after being commended for reuniting actor Funny Face with his children and baby mama.


Talking to Dr Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show, he said, “all rumors you hear about him being worse is false. I can boldly say that he’s doing better than the day he was born”.

According to him, the situation of Funny Face was a very pathetic one and all he needed was special care and attention, which he is now getting.

He went on to say another evident sign that Funny Face is doing well was, “you could see the joy and expression on his face when he saw his children. His face was beaming with smiles especially when he carried his last born. I believe this is because it was his first time seeing her since her birth”.


Kwaku Manu stated that, in order to prove to all Ghanaians that indeed everything he is saying about Funny Face is true he will share the proof soon. “I took a video of him while we were with him which really shows that my friend is fine and sane and even better than before. I will post this video on my YouTube channel for everyone to see and also attest to the fact that Funny Face is fine”, he added.

Kwaku Manu also advised Ghanaians to mind the words they use on people going through emotional issues. “It is not easy dealing with such issues, especially when there’s no one to encourage and give you a shoulder to lean on”, he admitted.