No peace as Sarkodie releases a piece to ‘tear’ Shatta Wale into pieces (Watch ‘My Advice’)

Sarkodie’s freestyle ‘My Advice’ which has gone viral on social media has received positive reviews from Ghanaians including celebrities.

Sarkodie is receiving applauds for song due to his choice of lyrics. Below is the full lyrics of ‘My Advice’ believed to be a diss song targeted at Shatta Wale for his recent attacks on Sarkodie during his ‘Reign’ album radio tour.


Yeah! Uhh! Tie!

Yeah!, me on this beat, ego cause you some damages
Last year, I went through some challenges
Industry, whole lot of hate can’t we just
Love one another with happiness
F*ck it, I’m flourishing
Sɛ me wu a Titi nkoaa bɛ di publishing
Industry future no looki promising
When colleagues dey enjoy in name tarnishing
When your hype varnish
Who gives a f*ck ’bout your chicken change property
If being poor be like me, then father I beg you just bless me with poverty
I don’t want to snitch on my n*gga
But f*ck all the bragging and chill, cos honestly
Your whole bank account no fit buy you one tear-rubber Vogue
But you claiming supremacy
F*ck outta here, you be fool but…

I’m tryna leave a blueprint
I’m from Tema what the f*ck did you think?
Mempɛ kasa, but I’m touching on a few things
Gyae alumi ne shɛ na kɔ shɛ coolblinks
Paul a w’ama ntem ne fame no fo fo no
Akwadaa w’ani y’atera w’ani ntɔn
Yeya wo papa a wo werɛ afi sɛ wobɛ too no
W’anhu hwee kraa no nsem pii na ɛtotoo no
Brand no be strong enough
If you be strong keep quiet, you go soon commot
I stayed mute one year sef full support
You show d*ck one day you go show buttocks
The last thing wey I want be attention
The whole of Africa ebi me wey dem dey mention
Me gye me ho di nti mo ntumi mma me tension
Bra na me nkyerɛ mu branding ansa na ma kɔ pension
Me ma mo hypertension


The only reason I dey do this be sekof
I’m on a mission to push Ghana forward
I had to put career on hold so say this new artistes go cash out some dollars
So if I see some destruction, I for address am cos n*gga dey misuse en powers
Only if you all n*ggas knew what I am doing
Me and my team are brainstorming for hours
Confidence is when you able to compliment people without you feeling insecure
So if you feel say you’ve got it, no need to downplay the next man
Wosuro no na fiɔ

Ultimate confidence
The brand be solidified that be why my love be pure
My dream is to bring all the artists together
Even though n*gga get bank to secure
You came from the ghetto you made it I’m proud of it
I gave you a long rope
So just enjoy I was waiting for you to snap out of it
Me no mensro nipa bia’a but asɛm nti ma busua is full of savages
5 years in the game you are still scared oh God let me just say it how it is
Brother you take the piss

This no be beef just stay and listen
Me and you cool no crazy friction
But my frustration be say I dey try move Ghana forward but I’m still baby sitting
New money, new car, new house so you can’t think far
Buh time is running out we for raise bar
Cos after some time na wo fame kɔ a
Nobody go get time for your bullsh*t
So you for see the way you dey approach it
Mempɛ w’asɛm a anka mi bɛ ma wu notice
Eyɛ w’agyimi kakra stay focused
How many times na ma ka kyerɛ wo phone so
Sɛ deɛ wo yɛ nyinaa no dey need
Me te w’aseɛ fame no me nim sɛ abro so
Buh wo nni haw, you get love on the street
Your soul is tormented, cos you no dey hustle you be talented
Charlie Mercedes Benz no dey talk chaw but still relevance unprecedented
This be the time we for take over
Up till now we no fit sell out the Madison Square but we fighting on Range Rover
Y’ani so bɛ tete yɛn na game over
Attention seeking is not bad but too much of it is chronic disease
Sɛ nka social media trend na ɛma nipa yɛ relevant anka obia’a ɛn feature Mugeez
Sesei sɛ me wu a, agor worɔ w’ani so yi, who can I trust to control the kids
Until I die, Nyankopɔn ma me time na me change industry yi daddy please
Enyɛ saa my soul no go rest in peace



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