Forever is too long to choose the wrong man – Woman warns

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A young student who goes by the name Lordina has advised women not to rush into marriage because forever is too long a time to stay committed to the wrong man.

She sounded this advice during an interview with host, Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess while discussing the topic ‘Is 30 the expiration date for women?’ on the Girl Vibes show which airs on e.TV Ghana.


Lordina disclosed that she does not exactly get a lot of people pressurizing her to get married but with the few that do, she does not pay heed to them because she understands how messed up her life would be if she ends up with the wrong man.

“Gone are the days when women expect nothing or very little in a marriage but now, we go into marriages with high expectations. We’re looking at the friendship, companionship, the partnership, intimacy and we even negotiate as equals sometimes.

“We’re all looking for husbands who will create the space for us to grow so you cannot just force yourself into anything else.


“You cannot deny the fact that you’re looking for friendship and all that. Every woman wants a husband who will create that ground for you to get to the heights you want so you cannot force yourself into any bondage. All you can do is to relax. Forever is too long to make the wrong choice”, she advised.