The Volta Region is one of the top contributing regions in Ghana. The region has taken part in all the general elections since the 4th Republic began in Ghana. Meanwhile, upon all the contributions the Region has made to the country’s GDP, the region has always been left out when it comes to developmental projects. In addition to the failure of governments to provide the infrastructure, most of the residents in the region are tagged as Togolese.

Poor roads are one of the major problems facing the people in the Volta Region. The most popular one being the Eastern Corridor roads project which began in 2012. The project starts from the Tema roundabout and ends at Kalungugu. The project passes through the Greater Accra, Volta and Northern Regions and will finally end in the Upper East Region. The corridor is about 200km shorter than the Central corridor, but the Eastern corridor has a substantial unpaved portion with ageing bridges and experienced washout and damages especially during the rainy season, thereby making travel difficult.


The Eastern Corridor roads were to be constructed in order to make it easy for farmers in the agricultural communities to transfer their foodstuffs to the bigger markets in the Capital City of Accra. The people of the Volta Region have shown concerns over the deplorable nature of the abandoned road. Contractors who initially started the project stopped the construction after they complained of delays in payment.

The people of the Volta Region has indeed been left behind in terms of road construction in Ghana. According to the local residents in these areas, the contractors left the site when the new government took office in 2017 and now returning with just a few months to elections; probably to lure them into voting again.

In the sector of infrastructure, the Volta Region is also one of the least benefited regions in Ghana. Majority of the children in the Volta Region are now pregnant, dropouts, fishermen on farmers due to inadequate schools in the region. Children walk long distances to access quality education in the region, some of them who are lucky enough to have schools in the region have the classes under trees.
This has left parents with no choice but to withdraw the children from school.


In Ghana, the Volta Region is one of the highest teenage pregnancy recording regions due to high illiteracy rate in these areas, especially the rural areas. There have been several governments in power, but there haven’t been any significant improvement. Most of the teenage parents are either dropouts or illiterates.

In the field of healthcare, most of the emergency cases in the region need to be transferred to the capital city due to inadequate facilities and equipment required to handle such situations. Also, due to the poor road network linking the Volta to the Greater Accra Region, most of the patients are not able to make it Accra on time.

Due to poor road networks, Pregnant mothers in the rural areas are not able to make it to the hospital on time to deliver their babies. Because of the fear of not making it to the hospital on time, most people in the region prefer to deliver the babies at home. This has led to the rise in infections that children who are not born under proper medical supervision contract. There have been several campaign promises, from several political parties, but when they come to power, they tend to act contrary to what they promised when they were in need of power.


Finally, in terms of water and sanitation, the Volta Region has not seen any major transformation from what they used to. Human beings share water with animals and livestock; people also embark on open defecation in these same waters the human beings drink from and use to perform basic domestic functions like cooking.

Every time, the attention is centred on the Greater Accra Region, but in actual terms, most of the foodstuffs and farm produce comes from these abandoned villages and communities in the Volta region. The question is, if the families who provide us with the foodstuffs we need are not healthy, where are we going to get some from? Are we going to import foodstuffs from other countries, due to the poor performance of our leaders? That question is left for the good people of Ghana to answer.

These are just a few of the many problems that the people in the Volta Region are facing, and still, they always go to the polls to elect leaders every election year. They are continuously fed with campaign promises from all the political parties.



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