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Fools holding placards, Chris-Vincent has a message for you

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I have had to interrupt an important activity to write this—not because I am deeply concerned about what’s going on here. But because I find it grossly offensive and it serves as a case for arguments I have always maintained.

A lot of Africans are inherently stupid, greedy and extensively selfish. This is the reason why corruption does not only breed at every corner of the continent, but it will be the everlasting bulwark to our collective betterment.

The African is not politically insane as many may say. She is just too selfish and wears a tainted myopic financial lens.

How much are they paying these folks to hold these deceptive and insulting placards that make a mockery of all our intellect?

It’s undeniable that ‘Ghana has become harder’—the economy is on its last knees and the President himself acknowledges that the fundamentals are weak, hence the galloping fall of the cedi.

Yet, because these fools (and I intend to be contemptuous) have been paid some peanuts, they’ve decided to spend their afternoon waving these placards to Ghanaians who are not alien to the current difficult situation in Ghana.

And the hovering mediocrity of the Ghanaian is captured—when obtaining a Ghanaian passport, an exercise which by default should be rapid and smooth, is cited as an achievement of a government.

How many Ghanaians have passports or even care about that? The majority of Ghanaians want just reliable electricity, good roads, good hospitals, employment and an economy that does not beat them now no matter how much hard they try to improve their lives under the unforgiving scorching sun.

If anyone knows any of these human beings without conscience, tell them, I say being selfish can be rewarding but being stupid on top of it is a tool to exterminating their own people.

NPP fan happily displays placard
NPP fan happily displays placard

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